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  • SubGenre:Cultural, Ethnic & Regional / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:359
  • eBook ISBN:9781609849702


by Codis Hampton II

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"In his semi-autobiographical debut author Codis Hampton II, takes the reader through his experience as a seventeen year old African America GI stationed in South Korea during the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's. Unchon-ni is not only a coming of age tale but journey in which the author shares the conflict between duty, country, and heritage, as well as the suspense, mystery and adventure he experienced as a Brother of Arms. A must read..."
In the authors words...."Over the years, I have often thought of how I arrived in Korea approximately eight months after my seventeenth birthday. I distinctly remember what happened while I was there, and how those experiences affected me up through this day and age. Even at that, I wonder if my life has been so much more interesting than anybody else’s. Can I hold one’s curiosity during these times of the 15 second attention span long enough for them read this entire story?" "If they read it, will they understand the nuance between the boy and the man he is trying to be in the ultimate men’s club, the United States Army? Can I articulate well the lessons learned from unlikely sources such as the men and women whose lives crossed in a third world country during that 1962-1963 time span?" "I’ve concluded the answer is yes. I can explain the road this boy traveled from the concrete city streets of a little Midwestern city to the dirt roads and alleyways of an impoverished Korean village located on the outskirts of a U.S. Army base. I have to tell the story of his love affair with a lady whose profession was practically chosen for her out of the necessity to survive in a war torn environment. I need to put his experiences down on paper and share them with others who then can judge the players’ behavior in this story for themselves. It is imperative that the leading character’s, that is my, story is read, his actions scrutinized, and his interactions with others are understood as a result of who he was and who he would become one day." "This is a story about a young black American soldier trying to find himself amid the chaos and obstacles that life throws at him. He often looks back in his life in order to move forward. Over this tour of duty, he will look to love, organization, and purpose in establishing who he is and where he fits in the scheme of life itself." "This young black man was born of a generation that believed in a different world than their fathers, mothers, and grandparents saw as adults. These youngsters of color looked to those who sought the changes in race relations they felt America deserved. They would obediently follow as long as the destination led to making America the land of the free for all no matter the race, color, or creed. And for those who thought black people should bide their time and wait, and wait, and wait, this generation was not having any of that type of thinking. It was because he was a soldier, not in spite of, that he would gladly lay his life on the line for America. He wanted it to be for an America he envisioned, not the country that allowed terrorization of a race of people on its soil." "In the end, the young man would discover while racing from one experience to another, that one’s brain is constantly recording and storing pertinent life lessons for reference and use in the future. He would find that some things are learned by accident. And yet others by being aware and having the capability to truthfully process what is going on around him. "It is the mere fact that a lesson has been learned and ingrained in his thought process that benefited his development as a person. When you couple those experiences with his family environment as a child you have the makings of one’s self. " " If I lay my head back and close my eyes, I can still smell that aroma that can only come from a Korean village. For me, it was Unchon-ni. For countless other GIs it was another little village not far from their base in Korea. I bet they all have stories too. But for now, please enjoy my little romp through time. I think you will begin to understand why the old soldiers before and after me felt that South Korea was one of the U.S. Army’s best kept secrets".
About the author
Although this is Mr. Hampton’s debut novel, he’s written satire, social and political commentary articles for his Katara-Rhythm newsletter since 2005. His first unofficial commentary came by way of an e mail to a friend of his. He complained to his friend about how sportswriters, specifically this particular writer’s column always saw the dark side of athletes. He wrote the e mail in such a way that it was funny to his friend. So much so that the friend suggested that Mr. Hampton should be a writer. His exact comments were “I would rather read comments that you wrote in this e mail than that guys columns. It’s funny and right on point with what exactly happened in this ball player’s incident. Hey Hamp, I think you have a gift. “ Mr Hampton never forgot his friends compliment, partly because it gave him an approving critical review of his ability to write even though it came from a friend. More so because it gave him the impetus to place his written word s on a venue that the public could now approve or criticize as he had done on the sportswriter newspaper article. The newsletter was already an idea in his mind because he wanted a venue to comment on the written and unwritten rules and practices of society. And as you may guess, one cannot escape the impact that political issues have on our society. He still writes for Katara-Rhythm.com although he is rebuilding the brand as of this day. Mr. Hampton’s next project will be an e book compilation of some of his best and most humorous articles. It is expected to be released in this fall. This man has always been a rebel of some kind. It is his Leo nature to point out when people are unfair, unkind, unruly, their behavior unacceptable, unaccommodating, unaccountable and frankly downright rude. He has been an observer of life while he lived it. In some ways, he is a self-educated man with enough formal education that includes junior college and specifically taking course in psychology that opened up a whole new world of ideas to him. He was and still is especially intrigued with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Mr Hampton self-interest is so varied that he categorizes himself as a jack of all trades and master of none. Sometime he feels as though he is still that kid that wants to be a singer, actor, artist, businessman, scholar, and sage. He now realizes the next best thing is to enjoy and observe those who are what he wanted to be. So he has settled on writing as he enters his golden years. Unchon-ni is his first offering about a period in his life that is most important to him. You can bet there will be many more books and articles written by this unique and gifted humorous commentator. But we urge you to read about how this man became a man in Unchon-ni. We guarantee it will be well worth your time.