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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Fantasy / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:106
  • eBook ISBN:9781626750814

'U' Stand Alone

by Steven R. Parks

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Sarah, born into a world of silence, where verbal speech has been bread out of the human race, and one body, one government controls the world. She uncovers the hidden truths about the all powerful World Leaders, and their plans for the future. Once discovered, her and her boyfriend, John, set out to inform the people of her time that there is a better way of life then the one that they are born to believe in. She is watched, traced, and tracked by the all seeing World Leaders until she strips herself of all the technology that imprisons her generation and attempts to start a new propagation while on the run before she is erased from existence.
In a not so distant future, after many of our generations have past. When governmental mind control is of the norm, verbal speech is outdated and no longer used because it is believed to spread disease and cause emotional stress. The population will result to only texting on their electronic devices. Emotions, laughter, anger, will all be something that our grandparents took away. The government will be able to track and see what everyone is talking about at all times. News broadcasts will all be in scrolling written form, movies will only be pictures in motion with music and sound effects. People will not speak, not that they will know how by then, only using hand and head gestures in the company of people they don’t know. Cars will drive themselves as you type in the address. The streets, cities and owns will be quiet because all is electric now, and silent. Only the highest ranking officials of the world have retained the lost art of speaking, but only do so behind closed doors, in private places. But there will come a day, when perhaps a girl, a maid, someone who has seen and heard the leaders of the world make this noise at each other, and they understand each other, will be curious enough to look back in history, read and learn the ways of her ancestor’s communication. She will begin to learn that you can have secrets from the government and begin to re-teach the people of the world that speech is free and uncontrolled. However, she knows the government is against such communication, and her future will be limited and dangerous.
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