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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Occult & Supernatural
  • Language:English
  • Pages:189
  • eBook ISBN:9780738831787

Twenty-Two Ten Saint Charles Street

by Paul T. Nicholson

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Phillip Thomas witnessed something he wasn’t supposed to see at an exclusive club in Baltimore, and now he’s scared. He’s got to tell someone about the shocking crime he witnessed during a satanic ritual that he was not supposed to attend, but who will believe him? It’s 1976 and no one believes in witches, worshiping Satan, or child sacrifices. So how can he convince the authorities that what he saw really happened? Phillip’s only hope is to get his hands on the diary he found at Twenty-Two Ten Saint Charles Street while the club members engaged in a post-ritual sex orgy. He knows the diary contains names and notes about drugs, prostitution, and the kidnapping of young children and babies—evidence that will prove that what he saw actually happened. But in order to get the diary, he must continue to visit the beautiful and sexually demanding Marlie, who not only runs the club, but just happens to be his girlfriend’s closest friend. Phillip goes, not for sex, but because he must search for the diary. Twenty-Two Ten Saint Charles Street will take you on a journey through time from 1854 to 1976. The story interweaves its way through elements of supernatural events and human drama. I leave you to determine if what you read is true or fictitious.
Do you believe in witches? Do you believe in the devil? We have all been intrigued with the mystery that surrounds witchcraft, the devil and sacrifices. From as early as the written word Satan has been with us, and the idea of sacrifices has captured the imagination. Did you know that there is a private club in Baltimore, Maryland that practices witchcraft, and its members worship Satan? The club members are doctors, lawyers, judges, and business man and woman who are very wealthy and famous. “Twenty-Two Ten Saint Charles Street” will take you on a journey through time. The story interweaves its way through elements of supernatural events and human drama. Through excerpts from her diary you will come to know Miss Catherine Rhodes, who in 1854 settled in Baltimore to start a business with her brother Alexander. You will feel in your heart some of the pain and suffering the American people lived through in the years leading up to the Civil War. You will experience how undivided Baltimore was during this time period, and how a group known as “The Baltimore Roughians” would roam the streets and question anyone who would gather in groups of two or more. But most of all you will discover a secret that has been hidden behind wooden doors for more than one hundred years. No one has known about it because the fear that surrounded it still exists today… and that secret is ‘The Freedom Crusaders.’ You will also find out about the tunnel, and what it meant to the Freedom Crusaders, how they used it, and closed it off, never to be opened again. Then, you will travel through time to 1962 and live with Special Forces Sergeant First Class, Thomas Kirkland. You will experience the new war that the American soldier was unprepared to fight. The battles, the misery, the friends lost, and the prizes that came from the jungle. Sgt. First Class Thomas Kirkland will take you through the streets of Saigon as he learns about Vietnam and its people, and how they suffered for over a century with the French. In your mind’s eye you will meet and see Michelle Bover’e standing in front of you. You will feel the pain she and her people lived with, and like the Baltimore Roughians you will discover the Binh Xuyen. Follow Sgt. Thomas Kirkland through a battle where he loses his friends, and has a rude awakening to what Vietnam was really about. Watch his life change when he retires and brings home with him the knowledge of “Satan’s Fifth Wave,” and the Devil. Do you believe in witches? Do you believe in the devil? Ask Phillip Thomas if he believes. Phillip witnessed something he wasn’t supposed to see: he wasn’t supposed to be there. Now he’s scared. He’s got to tell someone. Who will believe him? It’s too unreal. In the 1970s you don’t have witches and they don’t sacrifice babies… it’s too unreal. How can he prove it? Who can he tell, who can he trust? He needs to get proof. So, he must continue to go down to the club, and continue to see his girlfriend’s best friend, Marlie. But not just for sex, this time it will be to get proof. He remembered seeing a diary that had names in it: Catherine Rhodes, Thomas Kirkland and Samuel Cross, with notes about drugs, prostitution, and kidnapping young children and babies… yes, for Sacrifices. Phillip witnessed something that he wasn’t supposed to, now what will he do? Twenty-Two Ten Saint Charles Street will take you on a journey through time from 1854 to 1976. Phillip learns about slavery, the Civil War, Vietnam… and witches. But most of all, Phillip learns about Twenty-Two Saint Charles Street.
About the author
Paul Nicholson is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. He learned about Satanism while involved in a long-term relationship with a woman, who he discovered was a witch and frequently visited a club in downtown Baltimore. Over time he learned that the club was a private organization whose clientele were very famous and wealthy people, who practiced witchcraft and worshiped the devil. Intrigued with the secrecy that surrounded the club, he decided to learn about Satanism, witchcraft, and the occult. He read through newspaper articles, FBI reports on satanic cults, and spent hours researching in libraries and occult bookstores. This journey led him into an underground system that few people knew existed. When the relationship ended, Paul and his son from an earlier marriage, moved to San Francisco, California, where he settled into a home near Golden Gate Park. There, he decided to write about his experiences with “Twenty-Two Ten Saint Charles Street.”