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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Crime
  • Language:English
  • Series title:The Source
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:170
  • eBook ISBN:9781483514444

The Source

It Will Come From Within

by Lock Five

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The Source is a bi-fictional observation to a large number of individual events associated with the criminal justice system. Each event, in itself, is treated as a mere coincidence with no apparent connection other than its professional association. Of course, coincidences happen all the time. You think about someone and all of a sudden they call you on the phone. Or, let's say you dream of a number, play the lottery that day, and win. The real relationship of those events is discovered, and reveals a secret plot by cunning inmates to manipulate law enforcement and the courts by murdering police officers, district attorneys and judges. For the first time ever we hear from a Correctional Officer what really happens within the walls of a maximum security prison.
The first book introduces the audience to several of the main characters in the series. Opening with a horrific crime that is the catalyst for events that takes place throughout the storyline. The main character is Eli Booth who runs an intricate network of criminal masterminds and leaders from every prison gang. The work of the network spreads from prison to prison as they attack law enforcement at it's core. The law enforcement community doesn't put the pieces together because the crimes appear random. However, each murder helps catapult his son's, Thomas', legal career into the political arena. Thomas' elevation into the political arena allows Eli to play on the same field as the government and creates new targets and new situations for him to manipulate.
About the author
I'm a hardworking, 9 to 5 individual who wants to share my experience working in one of the country's penal institution. Working there is rewarding, and at times presents a mirror image of life as we live it outside.