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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Erotica / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:61
  • eBook ISBN:9781483527550

The Pastor's Paddle

An Experiment in Domestic Discipline

by Victoria Winters

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In a little town in New England, the community is shocked by the local Pastor's edict that Domestic Discipline is to start being practiced in each and every home. He will be doing bottom checks after services on Sunday and if he feels a wife hasn't had enough spiritual leadership, he'll take matters into his own hands! As the husbands and wives of all types and stations struggle to follow orders, bottoms get bared, discipline is firmly dispensed and romance blooms in the most unexpected of places!


After a particularly nasty piece of gossip makes the rounds of a small New England town, the local pastor announces from the pulpit that Domestic Discipline is to start being practiced in each and every home in the parish. He decrees that Saturday night is Punishment night and he will be doing random spot checks of female parishioners' bottoms after services each Sunday. If he feels a naughty wife hasn't received enough "spiritual guidance" from her husband, he'll take it upon himself to finish the job! As the husbands and wives struggle to follow their Pastor's orders, bottoms get bared and reddened and a variety of spanking implements are experimented with. The results are surprising as couples become reacquainted in a whole new intimate way, marriages grow stronger and love blooms in the most unexpected 0f places!

About the author

Victoria Winters lives in southern California desert where the dry heat and spirituality nourishes her body and soul. She write historical and contemporary erotic romances and has also created newsletters, blogs, plays, a screenplay, poetry and children's books. Her early life was spent as that most enigmatic of creatures - a catholic school girl. One who, alas, frequently fell afoul of the good nuns' patience with her unbridled naughtiness ... which led to an early introduction to the fascinating world of corporal punishment. She enjoys sprinkling lots of erotica and playful BDSM elements into her novels.Stay tuned, there is much more to come!