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  • SubGenre:Spiritualism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9780692750254

The Illuminate

The Essential Color Authority for Life

by Alexa Andrea von Speyer

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In a world filled with turmoil, uncertainty and much strife, The Illuminate brings us a sense of comfort and unique insight into our own self, within the natural world around us; a world of colors. It is said, the continued existence of man, in God’s eyes, sits on the shoulders of thirty-six righteous people. That portends to a selection process of new righteous people every generation, to keep the quorum of thirty-six souls alive and functioning on earth at all times. This is one account within that selection process. The belief is these thirty-six are granted certain knowledge and powers, kept secret from the rest of humanity. The Illuminate tells the story of Valeria, a nine-year-old child, as she goes through the process of training as an Illuminate. The story is richly heartwarming as we read of the relationships she builds with her Aunt, with whom she is staying for the summer and an astral traveling Papillion dog named Oliver. Oliver leads Valeria to a higher world of colors, where Archangels give her wisdom. The author has detailed lessons of how man interacts with color and what color means to man, is an incisive window into our own characters and personalities. The author ingeniously defines a “color code”, which is pre-programmed in us all. Our like or dislike of a certain color or a shade within that color, is skillfully analyzed as character traits. The author identifies our peculiarities, attributes, and behaviors, based on our color of choice and she is thoroughly on target. The thirty-six Illuminates task are to inspire us all to seek a higher morality, a greater sense of spirituality and a need to both embrace and offer love to all.
It is said that the continued existence of the world, rests on the backs of thirty-six Righteous people, whose role in life is to justify the purpose of humankind in the eyes of God. For the sake of these thirty-six, God preserves the world even if the rest of humanity has degenerated to the level of total barbarism. This widely held belief is spoken about quite extensively. It appears in the Kabbalah, dozens of novels and even Deepak Chopra in his Lords of Light, speaks of the thirty-six. The author calls them The Illuminates. The Illuminate, is a novel which brings the reader to the life of Valeria, a Nine Year Old girl chosen to be one of the Illuminates. We learn that every thirty years, twelve new Illuminates are chosen to maintain thirty-six Illuminates at all times. They are given the code to man. The novel follows Valeria’s passage as she garners universal knowledge taught to her by a series of Archangels and ultimately she becomes an Illuminate. Valeria and the reader discover that man is born with a pre-set color code, each different. Color is nature; colors occupy our world. Green trees, red flowers, orange sunsets, brown soil, blue water and so on. We all live within the same spectrum of colors and we are all predisposed to specific colors, as it rules our personal lives. Illuminates see the colors emanating from man and the code allows Illuminates to decipher a person through that radiating color. They then discern the entire personality, character and individuality of that being. Valeria is visiting her aunt Madeleine for the summer. Madeleine is a successful novelist who after a divorce, moved to small, yet very well-to-do sea-side community. Valeria is accompanied on her journeys’ to the Archangels by Oliver, Madeleine’s astral-travelling Papillion dog, who becomes Valeria’s guide and confidant. The novel opens with Oliver introducing himself, Madeleine and Valeria to the reader. The story unfolds as Valeria is introduced to townsfolk, meets kids her age and takes sailing lessons. Valeria bonds strongly with her compassionate and loving aunt. Aunt Madeline, a person devoted to staying single, falls in love with Flavio, a well to-do and very charming Italian restauranteur. Valeria carries a secret that brings on waves of panic and dread, when she thinks about it. Valeria’s parents are on a European trip; with the hopes their marriage can be saved. Valeria’s secret impacts the entire family structure. Each night during sleep, Valeria’s subconscious mind travels to a realm occupied by Archangels. Oliver, who can speak in this higher state of perception, brings her to the Chamber of Knowledge. Here Valeria meets Archangels who are associated with a specific color in our spectrum. Valeria is given great detail about the make-up of a human who is drawn to a particular color. She learns of that human’s needs, qualities, preferences, fears and Godliness. She is given the code. After a series of lessons, she is taken to heaven where she and eleven other humans along with their animal guides meet. Here she learns why she was chosen and it is here, all twelve are elevated to Illuminates in the presence of all the Archangels of Colors. She learns of her destiny to help man know of its self and is returned to our world, to assume an Illuminate’s function.
About the author
Alexa was born in Manhattan and at the age of five, moved with her Father to the South of France. Alexa was raised in St. Jean Cap Ferrat and attended primary school in Monte Carlo. As a child, Alexa consistently experienced out-of-body experiences to multi-colored worlds of various atmospheres. The passion of colors guided Alexa from childhood through to this day. She received her middle schooling in St. Gallen, Switzerland and completed her high schooling at the Foxcroft Academy in Virginia, USA. Alexa then attended University of New York. In 1990 Alexa moved to Jupiter Island, Florida, with her future Husband, the Baron Jacques von Speyer. The couple currently resides in Mexico. Alexa and her husband lived in several countries and enjoy the assimilation process of new cultures and languages. Alexa took interest in business and joined her husband’s multi-national company. She travelled extensively to the Middle East, Europe, China, and India. In 2004 Alexa was diagnosed with Lupus. The established medical world offered no acceptable solutions or remedies, so she began investigating alternative remedies and practices. She vowed to cure herself of the disease. Colors played an important part of learning who she truly was; that knowledge is the first step in naturally healing one’s own body. In 2008, now residing in California, Alexa began writing a blog on alternative health care. After eight years, numerous awards and membership in the esteemed Worldwide Medical Editor’s Association, her blog attracted over Seventy Five million visitors, viewing over Two Hundred million pages. Her work is recognized internationally as helping and guiding hundreds of thousands of her readers, achieve wellness and a healthier life. Alexa shares her flawless insights into people and their personalities based on the construct of the colors in their lives. Her understandings of human nature are well-defined and uncanny. Alexa has successfully self-cured Lupus; there was never any doubt.