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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Christian Living / Spiritual Growth
  • Language:English
  • Pages:337
  • eBook ISBN:9781589360037

The Awesome Power of Joy!

How You Can Be Filled with Joy and Empowered by God the Holy Spirit

by Pastor James DEVINE

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Firmly based on the God-breathed Scriptures, this book is presented as a biblical encouragement to Christians who have a sincere desire to grow in their personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, and to learn more about God the Holy Spirit--God's power and joy factor. However, here's a warning right from the start. If you are truly serious about improving and growing in your personal relationship with the living God, the focus of Part I: Living as Christ's Disciple and Part II: Living as Christ's Servant, will definitely transform your daily walk with the Lord Jesus. But hold on, there's more. Applying the truth related to God's Holy Spirit in your life in Part III: Living as Christ's Ambassador, will also revolutionize your personal ministry for your Savior and King. Buckle up! We will be studying the Bible together. Please remember the words the apostle Paul wrote to his "beloved son" Timothy in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 (New Century Version), "16 All Scripture is inspired by God [this means, "God-breathed"] and is useful for teaching, for showing people what is wrong in their lives, for correcting faults, and for teaching how to live right. 17 Using the Scriptures, the person who serves God will be capable, having all that is needed to do every good work." "Holy Spirit, may You please open the eyes of our hearts, so we may see more of the loveliness of the Lord Jesus through You!"
Here is the detailed outline of three parts and all thirty-eight lessons: PART I: LIVING AS CHRIST'S DISCIPLE Filled with Joy and Empowered by God the Holy Spirit CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCING GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT Lesson 1 Grace Incident at the Pasco Swamp Lesson 2 We Have a Spiritual Power & Joy Problem! Lesson 3 Designed to Live a Powerful Life of Joy Lesson 4 Have You Got It All Together? CHAPTER 2 EMBRACING 15 FOUNDATIONAL BIBLE FACTS Lesson 5 Bible Facts Relating to Spiritual Birth Lesson 6 Bible Facts Relating to the Church & God's Will Lesson 7 Bible Facts Relating to Christian Liberty & God's Expectations and Warnings Lesson 8 Bible Facts Relating to the Word of God and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit Lesson 9 Bible Facts Relating to the Christian's Hope, Witness, and Prayer Life PART II: LIVING AS CHRIST'S SERVANT Filled with Joy and Empowered by God the Holy Spirit CHAPTER 3 OUR HEARTS: HOME OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD Lesson 10 Why Be Filled and Empowered by the Spirit? Lesson 11 Four Reasons to Be Filled & Empowered by the Spirit Lesson 12 Three Truths for Being Filled with the Holy Spirit Lesson 13 An Analogy of the Holy Spirit's Filling CHAPTER 4 VITAL SPIRIT LESSONS FROM THREE LIGHTS Lesson 14 Vital Spirit Lessons from Three Common Lights Lesson 15 Yellow Light = DESIRE: Desiring to be Filled Lesson 16 Red Light = FAITH: By Faith We Are Filled Lesson 17 Green Light = OBEY: Walking in Obedience Lesson 18 Are You Living by the Lights? CHAPTER 5 CONFIRMING EVIDENCES OF BEING EMPOWERED Lesson 19 Abolishing Holy Spirit Myths Lesson 20 How Not to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit Lesson 21 Confirming Evidences of Being Empowered Lesson 22 Proper Perspectives of the Spirit-Filled Life CHAPTER 6 CONTINUING TO LIVE POWERFULLY & JOYFULLY Lesson 23 Whoops! I Lost It! Lesson 24 Continuing to Live a Powerful & Joy-filled Life   PART III: LIVING AS CHRIST'S AMBASSADOR Filled with Joy and Empowered by God the Holy Spirit CHAPTER 7 EXPERIENCING A SPIRIT-EMPOWERED MINISTRY Lesson 25 The Transforming Power of Want, With, & Witness Lesson 26 You Are God's Chosen & Appointed Ambassador Lesson 27 Yes, You Are an Ambassador for the King of kings! Lesson 28 Understanding God's Grand Slam Ministry of Love CHAPTER 8 EXPERIENCING THE SPIRIT'S JOY IN MINISTRY Lesson 29 Understanding the Global Scope of Jesus' Imperative Lesson 30 A Biblical Strategy for Making Disciples Lesson 31 Dare to Be a Humble & Spirit-Empowered Discipler! Lesson 32 Are You R.E.A.D.Y. for the Holy Spirit to Use You? Final Step You've Got One More Thing to Do IF YOU ARE READY ~ LET'S GET STARTED! APPENDIX A PRESENTING THE WONDERFUL GOSPEL OF HOPE Lesson 1 It All Begins Right Here Lesson 2 There is No Hope Without Knowing God Lesson 3 Listen to the Incredibly Good News! Lesson 4 Look What Faith Can Do for You Lesson 5 Did You Know There are Four Steps to the Door? Lesson 6 What Happened to Me? Contact How to Contact the Author
About the author
For more than five decades, James Devine (M.Div., Th.M., D.Min.) has been walking with the Lord Jesus as a disciple of His grace and training others for biblical lifestyle discipleship ministry. He has served many years as a senior pastor, assistant professor of evangelism and discipleship, and public safety chaplain. Pastor Jim and his wife MaryLou, their four adult children, and their five grandchildren live in Oregon.