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Book details
  • Genre:DRAMA
  • SubGenre:Religious & Liturgical
  • Language:English
  • Pages:120
  • eBook ISBN:9781618425973

Taste of Suga

Life Use to be Soul Good

by D'Juana Fitzpatrick

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After the death of her son and her husband, Suga Mayes thought her life was over. Just by looking at the Haitian beauty, one could never tell the pain and sadness that she felt. However, one would be able to smell the Jack Daniels on her breath, the mask to all her problems. As time begins to go by, Suga learns that everything she thought was real turns out to be fake, everything she thought to be true is false, and everything she thought she lost...never died.
Its been a year since the death of her husband and son and Talonda "Suga" Mayes has yet to move on. Her life has become repetitive and routine. Wake with a hangover, shower, open her restaurant, paint, close, and drink again. Yet after a strange meeting with one of her husband's "old friend", her life begins to change dramatically. Read as Suga is broken to a point that even the woman who openly denounce God can do nothing but call on Him for help. Its one surprise and obstacle after another. Yet in the middle of her darkness God provides her enough light to see whats really be going on around her. And the the things she thought she lost was really right in front of her.
About the author
1992, Norfolk, Virginia. A second grade teacher by the name of Ms. Land handed one of her students a graded paper stamped with a B and a smiley face. She looked her student in the eye and told her that one day she would be a writer and she needed to stick with it. “You got something good here DJuana, stay with it”. From that day on, DJuana Fitzpatrick began to write. Twenty-two years later DJuana prepares to release her first publish book “Taste of Suga”. Born in Meridian, Mississippi to a Sammy and Troy Fitzpatrick, DJuana entered the life of military family. Moving from city to city she was able to learn different cultures and adapt quickly to different situations. At the age of 27, DJuana has lived a very eventful life. A life that seeps into many of her writings. This talented young woman has found success athletically as a middle distance runner in track and field , earning her a scholarship to Alabama State University. She was also able to taste success as CEO of her own web development firm, Yesmam.net. In addition to that she has also released a studio album entitled “Finally Awake” and is currently appearing in a internet based drama series called My Brother's Keeper. Her greatest accomplishment in her words “The day I founded Jesus Cousin Ministries”. DJuana embraces her creative personality and continues to peruse outlets in which she can be a blessing and express herself. Success to her is not measured in her popularity, nor how much money she has made. DJuana believes her true success comes when she knows that her works have touch someone's life.