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  • Genre:DRAMA
  • SubGenre:American
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Stuck In The Streets
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:276
  • eBook ISBN:9781098385903

Stuck In The Streets

by David Turner

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Set in the wicked streets of New Orleans, which serves as a colorful backdrop for this urban novel telling the story of brothers Nodda and Dizzle. It is a tale of family, murder, mayhem big money and high living. Stuck in da Streetz takes you on a journey that shows the city like never before. The novel depicts in vivid detail that life in the Big Easy ain't always so easy and that is why it is sometimes called the "City that Care Forgot." Additionally, it is called "Choppa City" the "Cutthroat Capital" where Head Bussing is an everyday thing. Throughout the years, New Orleans have the title of one of the most dangerous cities in America; because of the violence that plagues it as every day bodies drop and the trigga play don't' stop. David "Dino" Turner, brings the story to life with the people, places and spaces that often are not explored in urban fiction. Throughout this novel he gives a voice to the voiceless, telling a story that is fresh, new and original It paints a picture that's gritty and grimy, but also shiny, as the lure of big money takes Nodda and Dizzle into the world of drug dealing, where they become "Made Men in Da Streetz" living like street kings "Doing It Big" with their influence running the gamut, from the streets to the suites, as their enterprise made them untouchable dons in the dope game. In some ways, it is cinematic, spectacular and sensual, Stuck in da Streetz is a novel that captures the language, speech and aura of New Orleans through characters that gives the reader a slice of life beyond life in the streets. It also shows a more human side of the brothers that value love, friendship and family. But as they floss like bosses in the game, at some point their bond is tested as they are at a crossroads; moving in different directions in life. It is something that tests not only their business, but their relationship as brothers.
Nodda and Dizzle was like night and day; two brothers from the uptown area of New Orleans raised in a middle class family. But as in everything in N.O. where poverty is just a stone throw away from the richest. It is a city where the richest, poorest and everyone in between live side by side. So even if you are middle class, you could still get touched by the game and live the treacherous life of hustling in the streets. The Jefferson Brothers, began hustling on the mean streets of New Orleans, then making a connection with a Mexican Drug Lord, who becomes the "plug" for them getting the best product in the streets as the ride the wave of the road to the riches. The rise to the top by all means necessary, the brothers run their operation taking no shorts no losses. They had the wicked city streets in a kryptonite lock and any large quantities went through them. The brothers were riding high on every front, but as they gotten older Dizzle wanted to retire from the game, build a family and live a more quiet life below the radar. On the other hand, Nodda was still fascinated with life in the fast lane; wanting to keep living the life, addicted to the flash, cash, females and power that come with being a boss. Nodda and Dizzle was Mr. Untouchable and Mr. Untraceable. They had eliminated or surpassed everybody who had a name in the streets. The murder rate had increased by their hands, but questions, the feds, rivals and others were plotting their demise and downfall. Where would the ball bounce in this game where from one moment to the next it could be on bubble, next minute….trouble. I will show you in this urban novel step by step in this tale of murder and mayhem; so let me introduce you to Stuck in da Streetz!!
About the author
David "Dino" Turner is an urban novelist from New Orleans, LA.
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