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  • SubGenre:Sales & Selling / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:193
  • eBook ISBN:9781483501680

Selling with a Killer's Instinct & a Poet's Touch

by Dr. Milo Sobel

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This book tellsyou how to make the sale when the odds are stacked against you, yet you MUST close that sale. Sobel's book should bemandatory reading for every new sales professional, to getasolid grounding ... and then some He takes no prisoners but guidesthe reader to make those sales. The book is also valuable for the veteran sales pro, who can pick up a trick or two and keep motivated.
Yes, the Consultative model of selling certainly has its merits. And, of course, Relationship-building is so very important. But, both of these require .... Time. And, often, the realpolitik of business is that cash flow requirements of the organization may dictate that sales have to be generated within a short time horizon. This often suddenly brings on particularly adverse conditions. The selling cycle must be markedly accelerated and "close" rates must be increased. The sales team is trying very hard, but there is no gain. They are really feeling the pressure. Morale is low. This unique program addresses the difficult scenario just described. It is a "take no prisoners" approach to making the sale. Rookies will have their eyes opened wide, in awe of an entire array of new techniques and information to help them take a quantum leap forward .... and they will begin to "close" sales. Seasoned veterans will gain from the various finer points that often make the difference in winning those hard-to-close accounts. Morale will escalate as sales skyrocket. People will be saying to one another, "Why didn’t they teach us this powerful stuff a long time ago?" The program includes the following: Why the Killer’s Instinct? Why the Poet’s Touch? What is the true Importance of Making the Sale? How is the profitable prospective client identified and "qualified"? How are current accounts re-evaluated and "resigned" or.... grown? How does one properly prepare for the sales meeting/presentation? What objections might one expect to face and how can they be overcome? How is the sale successfully "closed?" What kind of selling begins after the sale is made? Well, are you.... sold?
About the author
Milo Sobel is a metro New York City-based management consultant. Over the past 25 years, he has served employees of almost all of the Fortune 500 companies. Moreover, Sobel advised a CEO/Chairman listed near the top of Fortune magazine's "200 Wealthiest Men in the World" annual issue. He is a past president of the National Society for Training and Instruction and was inducted into the Academy of Management. Sobel earned his MBA from the City University of New York and his doctorate from Columbia University. He enjoys fine food and playing billiards.