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  • SubGenre:Action & Adventure / General
  • Age Range (years):13 and up
  • Language:English
  • Pages:105
  • eBook ISBN:9781483598451

Robyn Hood Outlaw Princess

by John Reynolds

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Robyn Howard is a rebellious schoolgirl who, after a violent thunderstorm, time travels to Sherwood Forest where she becomes Robyn Hood the leader of a band of outlaw women. Their main enemy is the cruel Sheriff of Nottingham who rules the area with an iron fist. Robyn's encounters include battling against the Sheriff's soldiers, rescuing a princess, finding romance with a young squire, and being captured by the Sheriff. In the Nottingham marketplace she is put on trial and condemned to death. Escape seems impossible - but there's a twist in this YA fantasy tale.
This exciting YA novel, tells the story of Robyn Howard, a rebellious schoolgirl who is concerned that women play a very small part in world history. Although her father has sympathy with her views, her mother is work-obsessed and has little time for her daughter. After a confrontation with the school principal Robyn is sent to detention with instructions to write an essay on three famous men in history. Suddenly a violent storm breaks and a bolt of lightning knocks her to the floor. She awakens in Nottingham's Sherwood Forest where she meets a group of women who regard her as their leader, Robyn Hood. She quickly adapts to her new role, leading her female outlaw band in constant battles against the Sheriff's soldiers. Her band rescues a young princess who turns out to be Robyn's long lost sister and is welcomed into the band. Robyn improves her fighting skills and shares a romance with a young squire but she is eventually captured by the Sheriff's soldiers. The triumphant Sheriff orders a public trial in the Nottingham marketplace where he is the sole judge. Robyn responds bravely to his accusations, while at the same time noting that he looks strangely familiar. In spite of her spirited defence Robyn is condemned to death. Escape seems impossible. But there is a twist in the fantasy tale!
About the author

John Reynolds has written two novels, Uncommon Enemy and Robyn Hood Outlaw Princess, and a book for aspiring writers Writing Your First Novel. These three publications are available on Bookbaby. He has also written the story and lyrics for five musicals, and a variety of scripts and academic documents. He is a qualified teacher with a BA from the University of Auckland, an MA from San Jose State University, California, and a PhD from the University of Auckland. He is an accomplished and entertaining public speaker and is available for author talks, either in person or through social media. Contact him direct at: jbess@xtra.co.nz.

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