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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Biblical Commentary / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:180
  • Paperback ISBN:9781640080522

Positive Side of Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

According to the Word of God

by Prophet Jimmy Mack

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This is from prophet jimmy mack minsteies. This is my latest book called "the positive side of why bad things happen to good people" according to the word of god this is two books in one book one exposes the pain in suffering and the solution. book two is the workbook that is the key in the word of god for each tragedy there is a prayer of deliverance and comfort attached to every pain and a daily exercise that turns into an annual journal for each month of the year so that each individual remains free and comforted and made whole
TWO BOOKS IN ONE. This book describes includes through tragedies and ultimately through catastrophe to their God-given purpose and destiny this book also includes a workbook that exposes the pain that is locked inside such as abuse, addiction, loss of a loved one ,or a job incest and generation curses this inspirational book offers biblical solutions and in the form of sincere prayer to God this is to book in one on how to be healed from pain and be made whole according to the word of god.
About the author
I was born in the midst of praying parents. When I was young god seemed to put a hunger, and thirst in my spirit. When I was around ten God introduced me to angels. I found myself walking in a city downtown and an elderly gentleman asked me for directions to the bus stop I pointed in the direction where all the buses stopped, then he said, "Sir, I do not have any money" suddenly I found myself reaching into my pocket where I had three dollars rolled up. I immediately gave him the money. When I asked if he understood, he disappeared in front of my eyes. Before I could get on the bus. I meet another man this gentleman wanted me to give him information about another city. After I told him I said "if you wait here a bus will come to take you there." he kindly said," thank you, young man, now point me in that direction " I quickly told him you can't walk that far." That is when I remembered I had another dollar I quickly reached into my pocket and gave him the dollar I was getting ready to say now wait here for your bus, then he disappeared that was two disappears within a few minutes of each other. When I arrived home I told my mother and she unfolded my mystery by telling me the men were angels all my life even until now angels have always been in my presence.