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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / Success
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9798350909265

Pillow Card Power

or 3 Simple Steps to make your Affirmations work for you

by Jeff Percival

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Who is your worst critic? YOU... We all talk to ourselves and most of the time it is negative talk. "Pillow Card Power" introduces you to 3 simple steps to transform your self-talk and start building the life and success that you desire.
"Pillow Card Power" is a concept that has been developed, tested and proven over the last 35years. This ebook takes that concept and turns it into a system for you to use and positively impact your life. We all talk to ourselves, most of the time it is negative comments. This ebook will help you change that conversation. Self-talk or affirmations have been promoted as a technique for improving self confidence. In the '80's, I needed a tool to help high school dropouts improve their self confidence, belief and focus. That is when Pillow Card Power came into existence as a tool to help dropouts become graduates. It had to be simple and something that they felt comfortable doing, nothing with "hocus pocus". The 3 steps worked for them. When I started volunteering with job seekers, I found that they too needed self confidence, belief and focus. Once again, the 3 step process of using affirmations helped them achieve their goals for employment and life. "Pillow Card Power" is a proven technique to help you achieve more of your desires in life. It works, if you work the system.
About the author
Jeff Percival has spent his entire professional career in the field of personal and professional development. First, as a special education teacher, he helped his students learn life and work skills. Later he bought a franchise based on success helping his clients develop and use success habits. His strength of being able to turn concepts into useful and practical behaviors is seen in his workshops and ebooks. As an author, Jeff's ebook, "Creating Artful Sales", helps artists overcome their fear of selling and increase sales. His "Job Search Survival Kit" ebook, shares proven techniques as habits to finding successful employment. In his latest ebook, "Pillow Card Power", Jeff helps the readers design and use affirmations to create their desired life.