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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Christian Living / Personal Growth
  • Language:English
  • Pages:144
  • eBook ISBN:9781483590721
  • Paperback ISBN:9781483590714

Person of the Word

by John Brandon Murray

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Dear reader, I am probably one the most unlikely persons to have written this book. I also realize that the content of this book is going to provoke many. I never grew up going to church, but saw the power of God manifested while attending boarding School in my homeland of Jamaica. Ever since then, the spirit of God got my attention and my quest began to find God and to know Truth for myself. I gave my life to Jesus at the altar, but never came to know God at the altar. I learned more about Him in church and by reading inspirational books, but never came to know God as my Father through church and books. I drew close to Him through prayer and fasting, but was never totally satisfied by prayer and fasting. Then, one day, I was driven towards Truth and began studying the Word for myself, and in particular the New Testament Word of God. This is where I finally found God - I found Him in His Word. There is a mystery inherent in the Person of the Word which is difficult to explain because the Word has to be experienced, to be understood. For me, part of the mystery was that I didn't just see the Word as simply the Word of God, I saw the Word as God Himself, because HE IS THE WORD. What I have come to discover is that many of us as Christians struggle to spend personal time in the Word. As a consequence, there are hidden Truths that are still unknown to many. Because these truths are still unknown, many are still not free. Hence I have written, to share some of the things that I have seen and come to recognize over time, with the ultimate ambition of motivating everyone who reads this book to make the greatest investment that one could ever make in this life, which is "Investing Time in The Word of God". Yes, God does take into account, literally, the time you invest in prayer, the sacrifices you make, the battles you fight for him, the number of hairs on your head and the words you utter, but He also takes very careful note of how much time you invest in His Wor
"The Person of the Word" shares the accumulated experiences and insight of John Brandon Murray, as he has pursued his Christian walk over the last 25 years. The book is provocative because it challenges several Christian traditional norms and mindsets that have been adopted by the modern day church. The purpose of the book is to motivate the dormant Christian unto action, growth and maturity by recognizing the power of the Word of God and the awesome opportunity that exists for those of us who have access to The Word to study and to know The Word for ourselves. Topics such as, "The Old man and the New Man", "God is always calculating", "Once saved, always saved?", "perfection and Imperfection", "The Tithe", and "God's Conditional Love" are all examined in relation to the Word. Some of these topics are controversial, but have been simplified in this book. What does the Word have to say about these topics and in particular, the New Testament Word of God? God wants his church to step up and to measure up to the full image of Christ. When you read, you will understand very clearly that there is no excuse to be living a sinful lifestyle and one that is contrary to the Word because we are not debtors to the flesh to live after the flesh, and the same powerful Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives within us, if we have been born again. In addition to this, we have the Word, who shows us what to die to, and what to live for. As a Christian, God has called you to be a conqueror, not a Coward, a Victor, not a victim. We have been called to Overcome, not to be overcome. The battles that we face in life, we fight not on our own, but with God who is also in us, and so we are expected to fight and to win. If you have been intrigued by what you have just read, then read "The Person of the word".
About the author
John Brandon Murray lives in Kingston, Jamaica and is Managing Director of Brancourt Sports Marketing. He has been a Christian for over 25 years and has throughout this time found value in personal study of the Bible and in particular the New Testament Word, which personifies Jesus as the Living Word and the very expression of God Himself. He believes that The Word of God is Truth and is relevant and applicable to our lives here on this earth. He attended Erskine College, located located in Due West, South Carolina USA on a soccer (football) Schollarship in 1990 and graduated from Erskine with a BA in History in 1994.

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