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  • SubGenre:Parent Participation
  • Language:English
  • Pages:28
  • Hardcover ISBN:9781098308230

On Top Of The Globe

by Chitra Pillai

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On Top Of The Globe is a celebration of children who confidently dream big and keep their unique passions alive. It is an inspiring story of a six year old boy, Karan Menon, from New Jersey who worked with his unique passion for his thirst to know the ins and outs of the world. It hopes to encourage young minds to do the same. No passion, no interest, is too little to be taken seriously!
Most kids love playing with their gadgets. Karan did too. For Karan though, it was the globe that held his fascination since the age of six. What he did with this unique interest and passion is what ON TOP OF THE GLOBE is all about. How exactly did Karan develop his love for diverse facts about the world and go on to win the National Geography Bee in 2015? You will find out as you turn the pages of this delightfully narrated story, complemented beautifully with appealing illustrations. You are sure to marvel at the many interesting methods Karan adopted to develop his love for learning everything (well almost everything) about the world. You just might even have your 'AHHA' moment as you kindle your unique passion. Take your passions beyond your wildest dreams……. like Karan did.
About the author
With a certification in early childhood education, over a decade of working with young children, and a quarter century of writing and publishing for magazines, Chitra Pillai embarked on this labor of love to inspire young children. 'On Top Of The Globe' is her maiden children's book. With insight she coaxes every child to discover what makes them tick, and steadfastly encourages them to develop their own individual, unique strengths. During the day she dedicates herself to instilling good values, positive attitudes and an optimistic outlook to young children. Simultaneously, she guides them to navigate through a regular academic curriculum. Evenings see her morphing into an adult yoga teacher. Her formal training in traditional Yoga practices enables her to impart engaging instruction across a wide age spectrum. Very naturally, this extends to her young students as well. She interweaves daily yoga sessions in her class during the afternoon, in between academic work. She is amused when her children remind her each day about this 'recharging session'; as if to validate the joys of its practice. She is mom to two sons and a highly opinionated Bichon Poo, the latter taking priority over everybody in her family. To relax, Chitra embarks on various culinary adventures, trying and testing her concoctions on her willing family, socializes, reads, writes, watches movies and sings out loud………. not necessarily in that order.

Book Reviews

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On Top of the World A great read. A story of a boy whose dreams and aspirations come true as he works hard to become the Geography bee champion. A must read for children in their formative years and parents. Read more
Inspiring story, beautifully written My 5 year old son adores this book. The best part he likes is that this is a true story and loves looking at the pictures at the end of the book. Since the day he got this book he has requested me read this several days in a row. Beautiful storyline, great illustrations. I love reading this book to my kids as much as they love listening to it! Read more
Go Karan Go! On Top of the Globe is a great story about having grand dreams and figuring out a way to pursue and accomplish them. Karan faced challenges in his journey, but with perseverance and help, he was able to come out on top. It's a good reminder that most things don't come easy, but hard work can make victory all the more sweet. This book did a great job of highlighting both the importance of the journey, rather than the destination, as well as the role that others play in helping children develop resilience. Read more
Interesting tale of dedication and perseverance This is the story of Karan Menon, the winner of the National Geography Bee in 2015 and details out the dedication and commitment that guided him through the journey. It is an easy, interesting read by debutante author, Chitra Pillai. The photographs at the end of the book makes the story come alive for the reader and the little quiz at the end provides a flavour of the kind of questions that Karan might have had to answer along the way. Read more
Could be life-changing for children and parents In her debut as a children's book author, Chitra Pillai provides insight into the effort required on the part of the parent(s) to encourage and nurture the passion a child shows in any activity. She also illustrates the focused, immense effort required on the part of the child to attain his/her goals. Thomas Edison said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Karan Menon discovers this truism from national spelling bee winner Sameer Mishra and realizes the effort he has to put in to attain his ambition of winning the national geography bee. He achieved his goal in his last year of eligibility! When Karan decides to switch to math or spelling bees after a loss in a geography bee, his parents provide him timely advice and direction to get his interest back in geography bees. His parents whet his appetite for geography by taking him around to visit interesting places and playing games like memorizing street names. Whether you are a child with niche interests like geography, spelling, soccer, tennis, etc. or the parent of such a child, you will find Chitra’s debut book a source of motivation and guidance. The simple, direct language and profuse illustrations by Emily (on every page) make this 26-page hardcover an easy, inspiring read for children and parents as well as an excellent addition to every public library! Read more
On Top Of The Globe Inspiring story, always my hand made a gesture to scroll down to the last page to check what is the climax, whether our little champ won or not. Clearly an inspiration to all age groups. Dear Chitra, keep on writing this kind of simple understanding inspirational stories as we don't know may be this could change the future of at least one among millions. Waiting for the next. Keep going Karan. Love from India Read more
Inspirational Story for Kids and Parents On Top of the Globe is a great book for both kids and parents. This is a real inspirational story about a young boy who dreamt big and how he got through the challenges to get success in his national level completions. My son liked this story book and inspired by this story. It is also an encouraging for parents to uplift kids' dreams and support to achieve their goals. Read more
On Top Of The Globe The inspirational true story of Karan Mendon, winner of the 2015 National Geography Bee in 2015. The life skills he learned with setback he encountered, his self-realization that he needed to set goals and the way he pivoted as needed to realize his dream is the resiliency life lesson all kids should experience to prepare them for adulthood. An upbeat read with age-appropriate illustrations. As the years pass it would be fun if Karan's self reflections on his experiences could be added to the book. Perhaps a book about his adult journey is next.... Read more
On Top Of The Globe This story about Karan is very inspiring! It is very well written and I actually wanted to take a peek at the last page to find out whether or not Karan won. This book will make a fine gift for kids of all ages. Read more
On top of the world Great read for kids. Read more
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