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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Christian Church / General
  • Language:Korean
  • Pages:94
  • Paperback ISBN:9798877331600

NEW LIFE The Journey For the Healthy Church

by David Hankuk Kim

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건강한 공동체의 시작은 복음이다. 교회에 속한다는 것, 교회에 출석한다는 것은 단순히 좋은 말을 듣고 힘을 얻기 위함만이 아니다. 단순히 위로를 받기 위해서만도 아니다. 나의 마음이 편안해지고 세상에서 겪는 마찰과, 인간적인 관계의 어려움을 풀기 위해서 출석하는 것도 아니다. 교회의 본질적인 목적과 의미는 무엇인가? 이 책을 통해 교회가 가지고 있는 성경적인 건강한 교회의 모습을 찾기를 바란다.
What about New Life? What changes have we experienced since the inaugural service on December 19, 1999? Have we become an activated biblical church, or are we still inactive? Many events unfolded in the 23 years since New Life's establishment. Pastor David Hankuk Kim joined leadership in 2011 and became the senior pastor in 2015, but many challenges remain. Are we truly a healthy community? We can ask this question. The measure of a believer's healthy faith is a correct understanding and response to "Who is Jesus to me?" Additionally, what is a healthy church? What is a healthy community? The crucial factor is having a correct understanding of our common confession of faith. Within the confession of faith, we find guidance on the God we believe in, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and how we should conduct ourselves. It is expected that all have a correct understanding and confess the Faith and Message 2000. We believe that there is a special purpose of God's covenant for New Life Church. The covenant will make New Life healthy. The faithful God has always kept His promises. Horizontally, the covenant relationship given to New Life will be a significant force for the members, the church, and the progress towards sanctification. We anticipate a new leap toward a healthy community for all New Life saints through faith confession and covenant.
About the author
Senior Pastor at New Life Baptist Church of Houston Founder of Healthy Church Network