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  • SubGenre:Environmental Economics
  • Language:English
  • Pages:714
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098385132

Living in AWE - Abundance - Wellness -Empowerment

Creating a Thriving World from the Inside-Out, Ground-Up & Top-Down

by Mark Stephen Chasan

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Living in AWE provides the tools to transform our individual beliefs and behaviors and take empowered action resulting in improving our lives and creating a civilization of Abundance, Wellness & Empowerment devoted to human and planetary thriving.
Living in AWE was written to address the urgent need for positive change at this critical time in human history. This book provides tools, principles and frameworks for both the personal and systemic transformation we need. This transformation requires change from the Inside-Out (personal beliefs and behaviors), Ground-Up (our relationship with the earth and our physical world) and Top-Down (the socio-economic-political system and the leaders thereof). The intent of Living in AWE is to provide practical and executable principles and strategies that, when adopted, will improve our lives, increase the health and wellbeing of humankind, and create a new "Regenerative Economy" devoted to the thriving of people and planet.
About the author

Mark Chasan is a whole systems visionary integrator, lawyer, serial entrepreneur with a public exit, an eco-social finance innovator, digital media pioneer, musician, healer, regenerative practitioner, author and speaker. Mark has been a student of metaphysics, wellness, and manifestation from the time he was twelve years old. In his teens and early twenties, Mark was a professional musician and intuitive healer, and was incredibly fulfilled, but lacked any material wealth. To fill this perceived void, Mark became a lawyer. He was "successful" as a lawyer according to society. He was highly competent and got positive results for his clients.  He made good money, bought a house, drove a Mercedes and traveled. However, Mark was often emotionally unfulfilled.

Utilizing the Abundance principles in this book, Mark tapped into future possibilities, dismantled his "pre-fab" life as a lawyer, and in 1995 started Emusic, the first company to sell digital music files online. Mark's friends and family told him he was crazy to give up his law practice and gamble on something they had never even heard of - the Internet. Emusic went public and Mark made millions from the sale of his stock.

Prior to Emusic's success, Mark experienced many challenges and found himself working tirelessly, struggling to keep the doors open, often averaging only 2-3 hours of sleep a night. It seemed like the harder he pushed, the more obstacles appeared. Even though Mark had tapped into very powerful abundance and manifestation tools, he still had not cleared his limiting belief systems and become aligned with the power of divine guidance. He still believed that force and will were the best ways to get things done.

One morning, it seemed everything was hopeless and nothing was working. He had risked everything, was out of money and it appeared the doors of Emusic would be closed. As he laid in bed, his body started shaking violently. At first Mark thought he was having a nervous breakdown, but because of his Kundalini yoga practice, Mark knew the shaking would cleanse and strengthen him. Mark shook for an entire day as the universe dismantled his ego, limiting belief systems (including the falsehoods regarding life, death, space, time, success and failure), and removed old traumas, including the walls around Mark's heart. Mark became aware of Divine presence guiding and flowing through him. He experienced unconditional love and an overflowing heart. He also came to understand that love is infinite and can be given unconditionally and generously. When Mark awoke the next morning, he was transformed. He was clear, his heart was open, full and radiant, his emotional state was joyous, and he experienced the state of awe.

After that transformational experience, things flowed easily and abundantly. Emusic became a very successful company and Mark was able to generate millions. This would have been a nice Hollywood ending, but Mark became fearful of losing all he had worked for. He mistakenly believed that the universe would keep giving abundance if he kept believing in abundance. The universe had other plans and delivered Mark lessons including big economic losses and life challenges. Mark had to be taught to be abundant without physical wealth, to appreciate his inter-connectedness to the universe, nature, people and things, and to develop love, acceptance and compassion. 

In his life, Mark has been very active in helping hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives achieve breakthroughs in their lives and businesses. As well, Mark's healing powers and protocols have helped hundreds of people achieve a higher quality of life. Mark has continued his life's journey of self-realization, growth, and discovery, to develop holistic tools that help others successfully achieve their highest purpose, as well as to accelerate the "Regenerative Economy" devoted to the ecosystemic thriving for people and planet. From these life lessons, Mark brings the reader practical and experienced guidance to transform our world from the inside-out, ground-up, and top-down with goal of Living in AWE - Abundance-Wellness-Empowerment.