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Book details
  • Genre:MUSIC
  • SubGenre:Ethnomusicology
  • Language:English
  • Pages:338
  • eBook ISBN:9781609849030

Life's A Good Gig

A Gringo Musician's Journey Into The World Of Latin Music

by John Cain

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Nominated for best non-fiction book in the 2008 San Diego Book and Writers Awards. A fun read, it's behind the scenes peek at the crazy world of non-famous working musicians. Funny, educational, raunchy and philosophical, Cain dispels the myths and shows you a unique lifestyle with interesting and talented people who occupy a special niche in the world. A must read for any parent whose child wants to be a musician.
Life’s a Good Gig,” takes us on an international romp from the ultimate groove to the infamous gig from hell with a band of brothers like no others, some cool cats, some downright deadbeats. It’s Jimmy Buffet gone Bill Bryson. Musician/adventurer John Cain, like chef Anthony Bourdain, samples each musical genre like a savory stew, and shares the creative process from the ridiculous to the sublime—from the dubious singing dog to X-rated song lyrics to an unimaginable code of professional ethics. Cain explores the mysteries of music and life in this well-crafted memoir of his musical sojourn. Jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride!
About the author
Raised by wolves in the high Sierra Nevada Mountains of Mexico, John Cain was educated in Switzerland by eunuch monks. He was kidnapped by a band of Swedish pencil sharpeners and worked in a peanut brittle mine for 97 years. After single handedly defeating the Nazi's in WWII he began his musical career as a bass kazoo player in the Azuza Kazoo Band. He quickly rose up the ranks by humiliating the conductor in a staring contest. He became the fifth Beatle but quit the band because of "creative differences." Cain soon became Miles Davis' trumpet player and lead singer for Elvis Presley. He was briefly married to Julio Iglesias. The rest is history. Naw...not really…just kidding! Here's the official story.... A professional musician since he was 15 years old, Cain has watched the world go by from sitting behind a piano on the bandstand. In his book-"Life's A Good Gig"- he shares his experiences and unique view of life. An astute observer of people and human nature he explores the mysteries of life and music in this well crafted memoir. At meet-the-author events he offers an entertaining and educational musical performance and speaks about topics in the book. He safely guides the audience from American music-(jazz, blues, country, standards from the "great American song book") into the world of Latin music, with lots of laughs and surprises along the way. Cain plays several musical instruments including the piano, guitar, bass fiddle, accordion, harmonica and Latin percussion. He is also an orchestrator, songwriter, arranger and produces recordings for many other artists and musicians. At live performances Cain is always fun and entertaining. He delights audiences with his unique brand of humor and versatile talent, singing in five languages and performing a vast, international repertoire. Cain is always fun and entertaining. He performs songs in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French with a repertoire of Jazz, Blues, Latin, American Standards as well as his original compositions. He has recorded several CDs (see "shopping" section) including "Silly Songs & Lullabies" for kids which includes a companion book that he also wrote and illustrated. In the Community John Cain is active in the local community as a docent for the Advocates for Classical Music which brings local elementary school children to symphony concerts. He gives seminar/performances on the history of jazz, classical and Latin American music to elementary, Jr. High and High School students.