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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Women
  • Language:English
  • Pages:247
  • eBook ISBN:9780984890446

Life Got In The Way

by Deborah J. Davis

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No words can describe the deep relationships women form with their best girlfriends. Dana Talbert and Jackie Colson, now in their mid-fifties, have been best friends since college. Over the years, they have shared their wildest dreams, deepest frustrations and inexplicable pain. They have been each other’s support system through thick and thin. Now both are asking, “What do you do when life has not gone as you planned?"
Life Got in the Way is the story of the close knit bond formed by two African American women, Jackie Colson and Dana Talbert, who met their first day of college in 1971. Both are anxious, but they are bright, enthusiastic determined students, with high expectations to be successful. They naively think the path to success will be relatively easy. Neither is prepared for all the ups and downs they will encounter over the next four decades. Dana was on the path to pursue her goal to see the world, when she met Michael Adams who brought her plans to a screeching halt. Not only was he attractive and intelligent, but he carried himself in a manner that exuded confidence. Michael had more potential than all the guys she had ever dated put together. What she didn’t know was he’d have to overcome a serious problem, if their relationship was to have a remote chance of surviving. Jackie orphaned at birth and raised by her maternal grandmother was determined to become a partner in a law firm before she was forty. She was living her dream, or was she? Completing college at the top of her class, Jackie appears to outsiders to have it all: enrolled at Columbia University Law School, married to a rookie NBA player, and living in a penthouse in New York City. Her husband appeared to be a perfect match for her; handsome, intelligent and generous to a fault, so why was her sexual relationship a two on a scale of one to ten? Questionable relationships have Jackie and Dana disillusioned and both begin having second thoughts as they detour from their goals. Not only are they taking detours, but they find themselves confronting issues they never would have envisioned, including drugs, domestic violence, infidelity, illness and death. Relationships dissolve, and hurts and secrets shatter their lives, but their bond of friendship strengthens. They know that whatever the situation, they will be there to support each other. Dana and Jackie support each other through life’s myriad of issues. Their bond of friendship is the only constant in their lives. Life Got In The Way affirms that there is no friendship like the one we share with our best girlfriends.
About the author
Deborah J. Davis had a life-long interest in writing and upon becoming an empty nester; she decided to pursue her passion. Periodically she took writing courses and thoroughly enjoyed each class. She began keeping a tablet to record her thoughts and dreams and from there her first book toook flight. She is retired and currently resides in Benicia, California where she is an active volunteer in various community activiyes