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  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:24
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543941296

Home Team Debonaire Biz Culture

by Patrick Watler

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A book of wisdom that shows you how to think like senior management. This booklet ( 24 - pages ) shows you " how " to think about business - and not " what " to think about business.


This is a paragraph about my Business advice booklet(24-pages), and my Motivational advice booklet(24-pages) My author and rap name is ( Hometeam - debonaire ) from the rap groups Poison Clan and the rap group Home Team. (Home Team Debonaire). Is a golden era rapper and music producer from the rap group Home Team, and the Poison Clan. He is also a book author(business/Motivation books etc.). He writes a book that he wanted to read as a kid growing up. It’s unique because it tells you( " how " to think about business), and not just "what " to think about business-Biz Culture, It’s a book of wisdom without a million pages(24-page booklet). It’s a book to show you what’s the program or what some people call the Matrix. The Matrix is confusing and the real world is confusing. The booklets are a good investment. As the company grows, more books will come, but this book is the core, with the core knowledge. Some people are programmed by their environment. I used to think that school was a bad investment, because it wouldn’t make me a millionaire. But, I realized that school can help you pay your bills and also help you make a company on the side. This is especially good for the upcoming rappers and singers(I mention this because of the music game popularity) You can make a company without the stress of the old music game. Nowadays with the internet and the internet music game, and other niches, you can pay your bills and make a successful company on the side. Dropping out of school and other bad philosophy is not a good investment. The book is about things like that and other chapters. The name of the booklet is " Biz Culture " or the other booklet is “ Home Team Debonaire Advice vol.1....You can buy the booklets at the website www.amazon.com

About the author
Patrick Watler(Home Team Debonaire) is a book author and artist. He writes books that he would like to read, with the wisdom other books lack.