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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Romance / Fantasy
  • Language:English
  • Pages:319
  • eBook ISBN:9781617924675


by Sherri A. Dub

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GODDESS COTTAGE is a paranormal romance that invites the reader to explore the exciting life of a woman on the verge of turning 30, who discovers that the life she's been living has been an orchestrated lie created by her own mother. In essence, she is a blood witch, promised to a werewolf and destined to return to her birth place in the wilds of Alaska to keep the peace between a veiled community of other-worldy beings.
Sierra Kastian has been raised by her mother in Silver Dust, Nevada. She was told from birth that she has no other living relatives. Her childhood memories consist of hours spent in casino lobbies, while her mother invested every dime she had into psychic gambling. Though her mother's talents often supplied her the jackpots she sought, she'd always put the majority of the money right back into the machines. While Sierra doesn't hesitate to confirm her mother's magical feats, she's always kept her own abilities to herself. She longs for a normal life, without the confusion her extra-sensory powers cause. Today, on the verge of turning thirty and co-owning a coffee shop with her best friend, a hot stranger walks into the cafe and hands her an envelope that will change her life forever. In it, there is a letter from an estranged woman claiming to be her dying aunt and a tarot card entitled, The Fool. If that isn't bad enough, she is asked to accompany the handsome messenger to an undisclosed destination. Hayden Wells isn't too happy to have to travel from Hailey, Alaska to an over-crowded part of Nevada to fetch the long, lost daughter of the Ivory witches coven. But, he doesn't have a choice if he wants to continue to live. Being a werewolf has its' perks, but being left unmated, isn't one of them. He must convince Sierra Kastian that she has an aunt and a destiny that she cannot escape, or his pack will have no future and her family's legacy and powers will be lost. Sierra's best friend convinces her to take the journey, but it will be up to her to accept her powers and her place in a delicate balance of nature and magic, all hidden from the outside world in the Alaskan wilderness.
About the author
Sherri A. Dub has been writing for most of her life. She has a BA of Anthropology from the University of Anchorage Alaska. She is a member of both, RWA and FF&P. After spending nearly 20 years in Alaska, she now resides in Nevada with her husband. She enjoys being a mother, grandmother and spontaneous traveler.