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  • SubGenre:Diseases / Cancer
  • Language:English
  • Pages:194
  • eBook ISBN:9780964012585

Fear Cancer No More

Preventive and Healing Information Everyone Should Know

by Mauris Emeka

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Fear Cancer No More, second edition, is a carefully researched and clearly written book that discusses natural, safe, and non-toxic things we all can do to prevent and overcome cancer. It begins with a close look at cancer at the cellular level. The point is made that cancer is a malfunctioning process; it’s a process within our body that’s doing the wrong thing at the wrong time and place. The book makes the point that this can be corrected by focusing our attention on 5 things: 1.) cleansing and detoxifying the body, 2.) making the body less acidic and more alkaline, 3.) introducing more digestive enzymes , 4.) strengthening the immune system, and 5.) by bringing more oxygen into the body. Fear Cancer No More offers easy-to-read and convincing information about certain dietary and lifestyle changes that make the body a place where cancer is not welcomed. The author, Mauris Emeka, began his research into cancer in the year 2001 when his wife died from this disease. This is his third book on this subject.
Cancer is a lot like fire, both need certain things in order to exist and spread. Fire needs air, wood, and dry conditions. Cancer needs a lack of oxygen, extreme acid pH, and a weak immune system. Fire creates smoke and cancer creates tumors. And just as smoke is an indication of fire, a malignant tumor is an indication of a cancerous process that must be stopped. Tumors are symptoms of cancer, and getting rid of them does not eliminate cancer any more than swatting away smoke puts out a fire. This book is about stopping the process that causes tumors to appear. Instead of swatting at smoke, this book helps you put out the fire. Fear Cancer No More begins by discussing the nature of cancer seen from the cellular level. It proceeds to discuss how making the body chemistry less acidic, giving it more digestive enzymes, introducing more oxygen, and strengthening the immune system all make for greater internal healing power. It contains a recipe section, a Q & A section, and information about the benefits of detoxifying the body and reducing stress. The book is written in a user-friendly way as it discusses the nature of cancer as a process that gives rise to tumor symptoms. Most importantly, it's about dietary and lifestyle changes one can initiate to make the body a place where cancer is not welcomed. The first edition of this book, published in 2002, has been well received, and it is believed that this second edition will get an even greater reception.
About the author
Mauris Emeka began writing and published books in 1992. He has authored and published 3 books about cancer and nutrition. His books are well received especially by those desiring to take greater responsibility for their health. Mr. Emeka's wife of 36 years died of cancer in 2001, and since then his passion has been to learn things we each can do to prevent and overcome cancer. Mr. Emeka is a retired U. S. Army officer, and a retired Amtrak trainman who holds a masters degree in business administration.