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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Science Fiction / Action & Adventure
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Dara Saga
  • Series Number:3
  • Pages:250
  • eBook ISBN:9781624882401

EXO Dragon-Wolves

by G.T. Rabanal

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Not the normal tri-partite human being of mind, body, and spirit, Amboy was part dragon, part wolf, and part human. In terms of human appearance, he was simply gorgeous with a lean, yet chiseled body, sandy blond hair, ocean blue eyes, dimples, and a mole below his lower lip – a lady’s dream. As a warrior monk, Amboy was burdened with a sentient Crystal Skull, a Divinely-touched Flaming Katana, and a deeply painful emotional scar, which continually anguished him. Taming and tempering the beasts -- the dragon and the wolf -- within for Amboy were fiercer than the battles without. Now an Exogent, an ultra-elite branch of the CIA, Amboy felt sure that was no longer the case.
Did Amboy -- known as "The Vampire Slayer" and "The Ressurector" to the Kindred -- made a deal with the Devil in the person of CIA Director and Vampire, Cornelius Nagas? Best friend and blood-oathed brother, Frank Fung and 250 passengers on board Flight 104 bound to Manila, mysteriously disappeared -- swallowed up it seemed – within the Dragon's Triangle, located at the heart of the South China Sea. In Amelia Earhart's quest to circumnavigate the globe in 1937, she disappeared in similar manner without a trace of wreckage. High-powered and well-connected, Cornelius Nagas, former right-hand vampire to Amephistopheles, provided Amboy the wherewithal -- a CC130J Stretch Hercules and Exogents, wearing skin-tight black suits and whose specialty was space-time traveling -- to enter the Dragon's Triangle, a natural Earthgate portal, and hunt for Frank and the missing passengers. Not only did Amboy pass through the Dragon, travel back in time to the early 1600s, and locate Frank alive and well in a strange Japanese island, but also discover that the human inhabitants, who possessed the ability to shape-shift into Flying Dragons, were of the Tatsulong Clan, his distant relatives -- a surprising twist to the story. The katana, touched by the Divine, was the key to the riddle. It was also Amboy's Shield, Sword, and Light. A promise from God to Lily Ann Daralinga -- Amboy's deceased mother -- that as long as Amboy possessed the katana, His Power and Glory would protect and empower the young Dragon-wolf and Shaman Guardian. Amboy faced the mighty and ancient patriarch, Kobiashi and his three sons, Hiro, Kiyoshi, and Daitaro, with individual challenges, such as a musical, hand-to-hand combat, wooden katana duel, and an ultimate Flying Dragon verses Dragon-wolf aerial brawl. Physically abused, emotionally drained, and mentally challenged, Amboy succeeded in his quest to rescue the passengers and return them back to the present moment in Year 2011. For the love of his best friend and blood-oathed brother, Amboy gave up his freed -- and, perhaps, his very soul -- to get Frank back from the clutches of the dragon. For the price of rescuing Frank, Amboy joined the CIA's Exogents, an ultra-elite branch, which was the right-hand tool of the Shadow Government, an unelected group of military generals, bureaucrats, business executives, vampires, and alien-Stargods who direct the affairs of planet Earth and the entire Solar System. Equipped with the CIA’s wide array of high-tech gadgets such as a reverse-engineered USFO, an impregnable and stylish exosuit, a raygun, virtual time traveling devices, the twelve Exogents were undoubtedly the most superior elite force. Young, virile, and handsome, Amboy proved to be the best of the Exogents, the most powerful wizard, and the most principled person, which inevitably exacerbated his conscience, caused major rift with members of his own crew, and resulted in intense conflicts with other Exogents, as well as the Agency that was beginning to question Amboy's loyalty.
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