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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Fantasy / Contemporary
  • Language:English
  • Series title:Dara Saga
  • Series Number:4
  • Pages:250
  • eBook ISBN:9781624882395

Amboy Light Bearer

by G.T. Rabanal

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Like the great explorers of old, Amboy, using a reverse-engineered United States Flying Object (USFO) named HIGHRIDER 888, traveled with his crew -- the Exo Dragon-wolves -- to some exotic places across space and time like Planet Nibiru, which was better known as Planet X; visited the strange, luminous craters and crystal domes of the Moon; Egypt's legendary Hall of Records beneath the Sphinx’s paw and a cavernous chamber underneath the Great Pyramid where Aliens, who call themselves Gizans and dressed in classical Egyptian garment, continue to thrive; entered a great Starship with a massive holo-dome to host the Galactic Alien Federation meeting; descended into Hollow-Earth where crystal cities, trans-genus creatures, giant humans dwell, and finally trekked the distant past where the Ben Elohim, the First Created One, Helayo (Lucifer), ruled the Solar System and plunged the worlds into chaos, after his discovery of Sin.
“Amboy Light Bearer” possessed a dichotomy of Modernism and Mysticism, of Machines and Magic, of Masters and Minions. The grand battles of Good versus Evil, Hope versus Despair, Love versus Hate, and Light versus Darkness were constant struggles Amboy continually dealt with and rose to the challenges. Throughout the millennia Stargods -- also known as Shining Ones, Ascended Masters -- have shaped the course of human history and steered the wheels, metaphorically speaking, to a perilous destiny. One Man, one Flaming Sword, one Noble Path, Amboy, considered to be a Modern Moses equivalent, fought for Mankind’s self-determination. However, the Stargods, in conjunction with the Shadow Government, sought to suppress Mankind, by deactivating his chakras, subject his body with implantations, which contained viral diseases, and controlling his future. Vampire, CIA Director, and 13th Member of the Ultra-Elite Exogents, Cornelius Nagas, could no longer control Exo Dragon-wolves Crew Leader Amboy, who was evolving multi-dimensionally, transcending with innate powers, and fully assuming the role of Light Bearer to the World. Despite a lofty title and a great burden to carry, Amboy, subjected to inordinate desires, remained flesh and blood. Torn between carnality and spirituality, Amboy was the object of infatuation to four young and incredibly gorgeous ladies: Asia Fukazawa, a werewolf with mesmerizing beauty and charm; Jennifer Pasqua, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and President of Akbayan, a Filipino club at San Jose State University; Nina Paige, a supermodel and a computer nerd; and Violeta Benford, a stunning redhead and deeply spiritual. He was also pursued by Kat Tatsulong, who had the ability to shape-shift into a Flying Dragon and the only female member of the Exogents. No longer had an indispensable asset to the Shadow Government but a thorn to their side, Cornelius, like Pontius Pilate, handed Amboy to Moderah, a Sorcerer and King of the Vampires. Considered to be like a Son of Ra the ancient Egyptian solar deity with great power and authority, Amboy was both highly despised and coveted by the Kindred for his previous confrontations with them and his precious blood. Faithful to the point of death, Amboy, before pierced with the Spear of Longinus replica, stammered with agony, “I-I only r-re-gret that I h-have one l-life to g-give f-for the King-“ He did not complete his sentence, as the Darkness vanquished the Light Bearer. Will he rise from the flames again like a majestic Phoenix or perished eternally as a mortal man?
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