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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Political
  • Language:English
  • Pages:240
  • eBook ISBN:9781543943351

Escape from Vietnam

For Some the Vietnam War Never Ended

by Howard Cohen View author's profile page

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After the Vietnam war Nguyen Thi Lan rose from humble beginnings to become one of Vietnam's most influential women. Now Lan and her granddaughter are being hunted by the Peoples Public Security for pro-democracy activities. For in communist Vietnam, the most serious crime is advocating democracy. Those that do are considered enemies of the state. Imprisonment, torture, and execution await those unfortunate enough to be arrested. In hiding, with no means of escape, she turns to her ex- American lover, James Britton, for help as repayment of an old debt. As he now travels to Vietnam he knows it was a debt, whose details were only known to Lan and himself, that must be repaid.
Nguyen Thi Lan rose from a life of prostitution during the Vietnam War to become one of Vietnams most influential women. Her involvement in the pro-democracy movement, the most serious crime in communist Vietnam, has State Security hunting Lan and her family. Capture means torture, imprisonment and execution. In hiding, desperate, she calls on American she knew during the war to help her escape to the United States. James Britton returns to Vietnam to help his former lover. Lan's former husband, a finance minister, embezzled millions to cover his gambling debts. He was executed for his crime. None of the money was recovered. It was during the investigation into his crimes that Madam Lan's prodemocracy involvement was discovered. Minister Kan, head of State Security, believes that Lan knows where the money is hidden. He will stop at nothing to squash the pro-democracy movement and recover the money. James and Lan's reunion, after fifty years, is bittersweet. Share memories of Lan's early life, and James war time service lead to the revelation of a shared dark secret. Lan has a daughter and granddaughter. James and Lan's granddaughter take one escape route. Lan, her daughter, and bodyguard take another. Their escape attempts, Kan's relentless pursuit, lead to a final confrontation that will decide their fate.
About the author
Howard Cohen is a vitreoretinal specialist. He is a retired Army Colonel and former Green Beret. Dr. Cohen served in Vietnam from 1967 – 68. His books are based on his Vietnam experiences and inspired by true stories. They bring together the war and modern day Vietnam. Even after nearly fifty years, for some, the Vietnam War never ended. Action, adventure, love, redemption, and unlikely protagonists.