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  • SubGenre:Personal Memoirs
  • Language:English
  • Pages:246
  • eBook ISBN:9781483538617


by Akram Sultan

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The chronicles of what happened to a Muslim Arab businessman who fled from war-ravaged Beirut in 1983 to London, and how well he was treated there.


It is a story about how in 1983 an Arab Muslim grownup with a hobby, otherwise level-headed, was gullible enough to flee the manifest hazards of war-ravaged Beirut and seek refuge in the sane and civilised UK. But the mighty spooks of Great Britain covertly decided that both his nationality and religion were a dual threat to their safety and overtly branded him a Soviet spy of Russian extract to be exposed and expelled from the Realm minus his livelihood, assets, reputation, furniture and the majority of his clothes The fact that they could not prove the espionage and false nationality charges against the chap did not prevent his expulsion. While the chap's hobby was not actually spying for the Soviets but toying with and suggesting ideas about what we are doing in the cosmic order, the subjects of his written theses altered from such deliberations to retailing how a consortium of some brilliant spooks of the world brought about his total financial ruin.

About the author

Author, born in Aleppo, Syria in 1945, read mathematics (applied to computing) in Ankara, Turkey and worked in the domain until his profession was disrupted in 1990 by salary-happy spooks who decided that they disliked him enough to ruin his life for him and chuck him out of the UK. Ever since then they have been busy trying to prove him a "nasty Soviet spy". That made him write Diminuendo in reply and that, in turn, induced him to write other books, having nothing else meaningful to do. He currently lives in his hometown Aleppo.