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  • Genre:DRAMA
  • SubGenre:American / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:658
  • eBook ISBN:9789769619647
  • Paperback ISBN:9789769619630


by Dr. Henry W. Anderson

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CUBES is set in the work-cube of a call center and is a serious discourse, sometimes light, sometimes funny, otherwise sad and worrisome, also stimulating and provoking, on issues of importance and relevance today in these United States of America. It is a book that will make you reevaluate your life and the role you play in United States of America.

CUBES is the book every citizen of the United States of America must read. It will be of special interest to teachers and students of Political Science, Sociology, Human Relations, Psychology, the Science of Violence, and other important subjects related to life in these United States.

CUBES' main setting is the cubicle of a call center, which serves simultaneously as a place of work and a prison, where a myriad of issues of importance and relevance in today’s United States of America is addressed through a broad spectrum of discourse, ranging from light-hearted and comedic to thought-provoking and introspective. CUBES is not a condemnation, but a stimulation for thought and review. The author challenges readers to reevaluate their lives, their beliefs, and the role they play in these United States of America.

CUBES delves into the plight of the Indigenous Peoples of America, Slavery, the suppression of the middle-class by Corporate-USA and the Rich, student loans, the state of Mental Health treatment, the high cost of Medical Care, the Pandemic and vaccination, the Abuse of Freedom and the use of the Constitution, extremism, the Deterioration of Society, rising violence, Immigration and the role of the USA in its origin, the Wars of Central America, the Revolution in Cuba, Politics, the abuse of employees, Unionism and Democratic Socialism, the role of Advertising in wasteful spending. There are many other topics, even Poetry and a Prince, all set within the framework of the CUBE, the workplace prison. Also included in CUBES is a foreword by Fayemarie Anderson-Carter MA.

President Biden’s State of the Nation address to a joint session of Congress and the peoples of the United States of America incorporates many of the topics covered in Dr. Henry Anderson’s book, CUBES, published 2021. These issues are most current and deal with subjects every citizen of the United States of America must recognize and play their part in addressing. Some of the concerns dealt with in President Biden’s speech and in CUBES are:


The Rich and Corporate America not paying their share of taxes and the urgent need to correct the unfair tax system now in place;

The need for Unionized Labour and the need for fair wages;

The urgency of closing the gap between the rich and the poor;

The need for financial stability of the Middle Class and the role that financial stability will play towards uplifting the poor;

The lowering of the cost of prescription medicines and control over the large profits pharmaceutical companies are making;

The need for greater availability of Mental Health Care;

The urgency for the banning of assault weapons;

Veteran Affairs;

Police Reform;


Many other serious problems affecting our Society.

About the author
Dr. Henry W. Anderson was born in Dangriga, Belize. He received his medical degree from the University of the West Indies, Jamaica. After medical internship in Nassau, The Bahamas, he returned home to practice where he had his Private Practice Clinic for over twenty years. He was also posted as District Medical Officer for the Stann Creek District. He has served Belize in other ways. He was a soldier in the British Honduras Volunteer Guards. In politics, he contested both municipal and general elections. As a diplomat, he was stationed in Washington D.C. and in Guatemala City. He has been nominated to several Boards and is a Justice of the Peace. Nine of Dr. Anderson's works have been published and are available as printed books, print-on-demand books, and e-books. For more information, please go to jabirubooksbelize.com. The late Ambassador Edward A. Laing wrote: "Mastery over form and catholic technique are staples in this poet's work, which is very accessible". Belizean writer Emory King contributed: "Your poems indicate a depth of thought and a way with words that is rare in this age of sound-bytes and digest opinions". The Reporter Press stated: "Every now and then, a Belizean writer produces a cerebral work that is so intellectually stimulating that it leaves one staring beyond the book and into space". Minister of Education, C. B. Hyde wrote on Ode to the One-Eyed Lady: "I have come to the conclusion that this is a great book, not because it is enjoyable and easy to read, although it is, but it is, perhaps, the best book ever written on the subject with which it deals". Dr. Anderson was the first medical student to be awarded the 'Use of English Prize' at the University of the West Indies. Dr. Anderson is married to Stephanie, née Gegg-Grange. They have four children, fourteen grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Presently, they reside in Minnesota, U.S.A.