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  • Genre:SCIENCE
  • SubGenre:Space Science / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:162
  • Paperback ISBN:9798218246402

Creature Comforts in Space

Designing Enjoyment and Sustainability for Off-World Living

by Samuel M. Coniglio IV

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This is a popular science book about the human challenges of living in space and using them as design constraints for better off-world living. 

After 50 years of space exploration, off-world living is still like going on an extreme camping trip. Living out there is uncomfortable at best. This book tackles the challenge of Creature Comforts: those hard-to-describe things that make life more enjoyable, have mental health benefits, and are fun! Using the analogy of building a homestead on the high frontier, early space settlers need to develop long term sustainability techniques with limited resources. This book isn't just about making life better beyond our planet; it's a blueprint for enhancing life on Earth through thoughtful, space-inspired design. This is the first book from Samuel Coniglio, a space futurist and design advocate on a mission to understand the challenges of off-world living, and to use them as design constraints for building a better orbital lifestyle.
About the author
Samuel Coniglio is a futurist, technical writer, photographer, inventor, and private space industry advocate. He is a Board member and former Vice President of the Space Tourism Society. His research and presentations have been covered by international media, including the Discovery Channel and History Channel. One of his more famous concepts, the Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass Project, won international acclaim and reinvented the concept of how to drink liquids in a microgravity environment. His cocktail making-robots have been showcased on the Discovery Channel and made the cover of the Wall Street Journal. Samuel was active with the National Space Society, Space Frontier Foundation, and Yuri's Night World Space Party. In the 1990's, he worked for McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) on the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and the little-known, but historic Delta Clipper Experimental (DC-X/DC-X/A) reusable rocket program. In 2004, he helped run logistics for the XPRIZE Team film crew during the historic flights of SpaceShipOne. As a regular at San Francisco Bay Area Maker Faires, Samuel worked as crew for the Steampunk art car studio known as Obtainium Works, where they built and drove dozens of whimsical fantasy vehicles for parades, shows, and Burning Man. For the Robogames hobby robotics event, Samuel built, or collaborated in building, three cocktail-making robots (drinkbots) which manage to dispense drinks to customers in hilarious and entertaining ways. Samuel also participates at the Burning Man event, where he assists artists building unique kinetic art pieces, and as a Black Rock Ranger: a volunteer first responder to assist people in need, mediate disputes, and be a liaison with police, fire, and medical teams. Using the harsh Black Rock Desert in Nevada as a space analog, he learned that the key to human survival anywhere is building lots of physical and logistical infrastructure, and also being kind to people. Since 1999, Samuel has been researching and prototyping off-world domestic concepts with the Space Tourism Society, and making presentations about potential designs to make life easier "for the rest of us" in space. This book is the culmination of years of experience in these broad fields.