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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Satire
  • Language:English
  • Pages:240
  • eBook ISBN:9798350959376
  • Hardcover ISBN:9798350959369

City Zoo

an unfairy story

by Jeff Pedigo

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Allegorical fiction in the Orwellian tradition — direct from the publisher!

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Welcome to the extraordinary City Zoo, where the animals have driven the people out and created a veritable nation of animals—a republic, if they can keep it. Their great experiment has been a resounding success—but when Gus the gilded elephant challenges Balthazar the revered donkey for the high office of Animal Zookeeper, the monkeys in the media go ape. Now the fairy tale news threatens everything the Visionaries of the Animal Revolution have built.

In CITY ZOO, Jeff Pedigo crafts a savage satire and cautionary fable about truth, fear, and power that might feel unsettlingly familiar to champions of Western civilization in the early 21st Century.

If you loved George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM, you will weep for the City Zoo.


THRILL! To the first Animal Revolution in the world, and the rise and fall of the incredible independent City Zoo.
WITNESS! The classic political showdown of donkey versus elephant, covered responsibly by an exceedingly honest monkey news media.
READ! The savage, satirical, and tragic farce and fable—CITY ZOO an unfairy story by Jeff Pedigo—the Essential Animal Allegory For Our Time.


Jeff Pedigo's Orwellian CITY ZOO is a biting satire of American politics, the formerly mainstream news media, the culture war, ex-twitter and social media, pop psychology, ideologues, identity politics, useful idiots, immigration, the well-meaning residents of Martha's Vineyard, narrative-driven journalism, masks, pandemics, lockdowns & quarantines, attacks on religion, white privilege, the 2020 Presidential election, January 6th, systemic racism, the entertainment industry, American academia, ANTIFA, CHOP, the intelligence community, political animals, public education, the tortoise and the hare, media personalities, pets, sustainabilityness, climate alarmism, "protests," and much more...probably.

Read CITY ZOO by Jeff Pedigo.

About the author
Mississippi author Jeff Pedigo wrote advertising for 30 years before writing this book.

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