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  • Genre:MEDICAL
  • SubGenre:Dermatology
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781483568263

Case Studies in Advanced Skin Cancer Management

An Osce Viva Resource

by James Bricknell

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An OSCE VIVA format of 15 detailed clinical skin cancer case scenarios as would appear in a Fellowship exam. Detailed individual skin cancer summaries, SCC, BCC, MELANOMA, MCC, AFX, UHPS, DFSP.  60 Question MCQ exam on skin cancer, genetics, epidemiology and skin cancer treatment.

A 42000 word resource comprising 15 individual detailed clinical case scenarios in skin cancer written in a style mimicking an actual OSCE VIVA exam at Fellowship level. The cases present a very comprehensive analysis of the subject material, with very detailed fully referenced information including the aetiology, genetics, pathognomonic features, dermatoscopy, histology and immunohistochemistry of all the major skin cancer entities commonly encountered in clinical practice. This book has been written as an in depth resource and though it has an easy reading style extensive note taking and summarising by the reader will be required from the text so as to assimilate the material. The depth of knowledge on each individual skin cancer could be regarded by many primary care practitioners as exceeding what they are expected to know and which belongs solely in the realm of the specialist dermatologists and plastic surgeons, but I would encourage them to assimilate the detail as it has been presented in a format that is not overly complicated and once mastered will inspire confidence to perform more complicated skin cancer surgery safely and confidently at the local primary care level. Achievement of the Fellowship from the leading skin cancer organisation in Australia, the Skin Cancer College Australasia is very achievable but I strongly believe one of the major hurdles to this has been a lack of a comprehensive resource guiding the candidate towards fellowship. It is for this reason that I have written this exam oriented comprehensive referenced resource. I wish all that embark on further post-graduate studies particularly in skin cancer medicine and surgery every success and I hope this book will allow you to achieve your goal more easily.
About the author
I am a general practitioner of 30 years experience the last 9 years of which have been exclusively in the medical and surgical management of skin cancer. I achieved the FELLOWSHIP from the Skin Cancer College Australasia in 2015 with a pass mark of 96%, this inspired me to write this resource which is a distillation of my personal study notes and over 2 years of skin cancer medicine and surgery article researching. Fifty-eight doctors throughout Australia and New Zealand have achieved this qualification and my aim in preparing this book was to allow more clinicians to achieve this goal and to provide expert care to their patients.