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  • SubGenre:Animals / Pets
  • Age Range (years):6 - 8
  • Language:English
  • Pages:36
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350904086

Bridget's Rescue

by Phil Scimonelli

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Eight-year-old Bridget and her family are adopting a dog from an animal shelter. Follow Bridget, her Grandma Rose and the rest of the family as they move through the process of pet adoption. A lovely family story.



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"Bridget's Rescue" is a story of a multi-generational family on a quest to adopt a dog. After Grandma Rose explains the importance of animal shelters to her granddaughter Bridget, the family decides she is old enough to help with a family pet. As Bridget prepares for a pet adoption, she learns how important it is to consider the entire family when choosing a dog. After a few disappointing introductions, she finds the one!

About the author
Phil Scimonelli is a retired teacher with over 30 years in education. His passion for teaching started in Child Development, where he specialized in reading to children from ages 3 - 6. Combining his educational experience with his love of dogs led him to write "Bridget's Rescue." He believes passionately in the pet rescue process as the best means to save an animal and acquire a best friend.

Book Reviews

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This book has made my face hurt from smiling so much I didn't know what to expect from this children's book, but I really love it. There are so many layers to the book that had me smiling bigger and bigger with each page. It is such a smart way to teach children and adults what it really means to welcome a furry family member into their life- while also teaching the value of family bond. I especially love how it was able to capture not just an immediate family, but also grandma too! The inclusion of seniors is so little in society so this was so heartwarming and inspiring to me. I highly recommend this book... AND I recommend you to share it! To family, to friends... To your local shelter... It is a fantastic way to teach you and your little ones how to invite a lifetime of love from adoption and the value of family. Read more
Brodget's Rescue Heartwarming, inspirational, and thorough. A great addition to my classroom! Read more
Bridget's Rescue A very heartwarming story of pet adoption through the process and the responsibilities of ownership. Along with promoting goodwill and insight, to rescue pets at animal shelters. A fantastic book for all all families. Read more
Bridget’s Rescue Great story with a wonderful message! My kiddos and I loved the story, and so did our little rescue Buckley! We definitely recommend! Read more
Bridget's Rescue A beautifully written and illustrated children's book about a family visiting the local Animal shelter to find Bridget's forever pet. A must read for your little one's. Read more
Bridget’s Rescue Lovely little book with a lovely big message! Read more
Bridget's Rescue A warmhearted story of family deciding together to adopt the Perfect Pet for their family. A beautifully written story for kids of all ages! Read more
Bridget's Rescue A very heartfelt and beautifully written story about a family working with an Animal Shelter to adopt the perfect pet. Easy to read, taking one through all the steps needed for adoption and care of a pet. Great support for Animal Shelters. Read more
Paw-fectly Written A tender, yet educational story for any families considering adoption and giving a pet a forever home ❤️ Read more
Bridget's Rescue I wish I were a child again with a successful lemonade stand so I could buy Bridget's Rescue for all my fellow classmates and dog-loving friends. I know they would love this book as much as I do. Read more
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