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  • SubGenre:Spiritualism
  • Language:English
  • Pages:207
  • eBook ISBN:9781618421333

Blessed, Balanced & Complete

by Heriberto Alonso

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Are you tired of your life being out of balance? Tired of the struggle that no matter how many things you try juggling at once, you always seem to fall behind? Then the “catch-up” causes you to get all stressed out and the cycle seems to never end? You’ve taken stress courses, gone on vacations, practiced yoga, and read magazines in your doctor’s or dentist’s office…all to no avail. Well, rather than continue to punish yourself with this never ending, vicious cycle, learn the simple truth from this book - that life does not need to be lived this way. In this book, Heriberto “Hery” Alonso will show you: • The proper and mandatory order of priorities to help get and keep your life well-balanced. • Powerful information on these priorities to help you stay focused. • The importance of these priorities and detailed elaboration on them. • Guidance to running the race of life better and finishing your goals/projects. • How to live with an attitude that will provide a strong mindset and help you get back up each time after a setback…without you beating yourself up. • How to continue hoping when all hope is gone. • Guidance to single women desiring a future husband without wasting more time. • How to deal with life’s inevitable scenarios (Imperfections, Waiting, & Working). Most people do try to maintain a balanced life. While the efforts are there, most times it’s like chasing the wind because they are not focusing on what’s truly important. The approach I present in Blessed, Balanced & Complete, drawn from my own personal experiences and biblical principles, goes far beyond the simple attempts to acquire balance. A must read!
You’ve Lost Your Job, Home, Spouse & Control… NOW, A SOUTH FLORIDA AUTHOR TELLS YOU HOW YOU CAN BE BLESSED, BALANCED & COMPLETE BLESSED, BALANCED & COMPLETE Highlights a NEW Technique Which Goes Beyond Yoga, Magazine Articles or Vacations and Gives You a Body, Mind and Soul Makeover Which Will Fortify You In These Troubled Times. Divorced for the second time at 41, laid off from his profession a couple of months later, confused, unstable, battling Crohn’s Disease, spiritually immature, 30 pounds overweight, $60,0000 in credit card debt, considering bankruptcy, and living with Mom & Dad because he couldn’t afford to rent. That was Heriberto ‘Hery’ Alonso just a few years ago. BLESSED, BALANCED & COMPLETE is Hery today! “You may be asking yourself, ‘Why should I read a book written by a man who seemed to be a total disaster?’ says Alonso, author and successful real estate agent in South Florida. “My reply is because I experienced it and my experience may save you from going through it yourself.” Rebounding from the battle of his life, this everyday fighter fought back in life’s boxing ring, to live not like a winner, but like a warrior. His most critical chapter begins the book, and shows how you must first connect with your creator. “Make your creator the center of your life,” Hery says. Prioritizing in the proper order is Hery’s key to living a BLESSED, BALANCED & COMPLETE life. God, Health, Family, Career, Education, and Hobbies are the elements and order which assures a more fulfilling life. Quoting legendary Green Bay Packer coach Vince Lombardi, Hery states, “It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get back up.” And, Hery did get back up. While self-actualizing books are often characterized separately as a body-building book (includes step-by-step energy enhancing workouts) or a spiritual book or a goal-oriented book, BLESSED, BALANCED, & COMPLETE is a finely mixed stew with all of the above stirred together, and seasoned by his own personal anecdotes. Other focus points include:  How to continue hoping when all hope is gone;  Guidance to running the race of life better and finishing your goals/projects;  How to deal with life’s inevitable scenarios (Imperfections, Waiting & Working);  How to live with an attitude that will provide a strong mindset and help you get back up each time after a setback…without beating yourself up;  Guidance to single men/women desiring a future spouse without wasting more time and increasing your probabilities.
About the author
Heriberto “Hery” Alonso is a single father of an 18 year old son. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Florida International University. He accepted Jesus Christ at the young age of nine and was baptized at 16 years of age. His parents were instrumental in bringing him into the ways of the Lord. When Hery was 14 years old, an Evangelist prophesized over him that he would be a messenger of the Gospel to many. It was again confirmed by another Evangelist three years later. He entered his 20s and experienced an unfortunate 12 year long backsliding period. Hery repented, returned, and rededicated his life to the Lord at the age of 34. His main advice to his audience today after living these years with a disconnect from God is to focus on 2Thessalonians 3:13 which says “Don’t ever get tired of doing what is right.” Hery’s separation from God caused him a lot of unnecessary turmoil and lack of peace which he has now regained. Hery has lead a Bible Study group in his home for over seven (7) years now. He has written his first book “Blessed, Balanced & Complete” which was translated to Spanish as well. He’s an Inspirational speaker that has spoken in various churches promoting Kingdom Principles, Better Living, Relationship & Balance of Life. He’s also a graduate from Alpha & Omega Bible Institute. God has called him into Full-Time Ministry and he’s embracing this purpose. He’s a resident of Miami, Florida and an active member of Metro Life Church in Doral, Florida. To contact the author, please write to: Alonso Ministries P.O.Box 832407 Miami, FL 33283-2407 Cell: 305.804.8072 Office: 305.270.1004 Email: hery@alonsoministries.org Website: www.AlonsoMinistries.org