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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Thrillers / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:380
  • eBook ISBN:9781682228036

Adverse Effects

by Gerald Crawford

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Alexander Ford is a salesman just trying to make a decent living. He enjoys the single life, traveling, and having a good time. His whole world changes when the company he works for, Ryan Pharmaceuticals, is acquired by rival CamCorp Pharmaceuticals. Who knew he would be drawn into a world of lies, deceit, and death all in the name of profit. Camcorp's new CEO, Roger Cameron Jr., is driven to cure cancer which he will do at any cost. He is blinded by greed and doesn't let anything or anyone get in his way. Alex becomes one of Camcorp's top employees and becomes the Director of Research and Development. His one saving grace is meeting the love of his life and contemplating the new life choices that are presented to him. Unfortunately, unknown to him, he is just a pawn in a game controlled by a sinister mind who goes by the handle, Rogue. Rogue's agenda draws Alex into his world only to convert Alex from salesman extraordinaire to detective. Alex must partner with the FBI and the CDC to track Rogue after he discovers that Rogue is responsible for the drug trial fiasco that ensues at CamCorp Pharmaceuticals ultimately bringing down the company and it's CEO.
Alexander Ford isn’t a loner he just prefers to be by himself. His charitable nature helps him to land his first job at Ryan Pharmaceuticals. It is his dedication to his work that quickly gets him recognition by his supervisors leading to several promotions and ultimately the lead salesperson position. His world changes when Ryan Pharmaceuticals is acquired by rival CamCorp Pharmaceuticals. Unlike most of the Ryan team, Alex is fortunate enough to be offered a position within the new company which changes his life forever. He never imagines that selling pharmaceuticals will draw him into a world of lies, deceit, corruption, and even love. During one of his speaking engagements, his world changes yet again when he meets the love of his life, Catherine Allen. She is both attractive and intelligent, a deadly combination, which leaves Alex wanting to spend the rest of his life with her. But there is something she is keeping from him even after they exchange their wedding vows. Meanwhile, as CamCorp grows more powerful, the company’s chairman grows greedier. Roger Cameron Jr., or Junior as he is known, is impatient which leads him to make hasty business decisions, bribery, and fraud. After the death of his father and founder of CamCorp, Roger Cameron Sr., Junior proceeds to use Alex and anyone else in his life to further his pet project. Qualzine, as he names it, is the answer to all of his prayers. It is a viable cure for cancer which will make him and his company wealthy beyond belief. That is all well and good until Rogue, an unknown character, hacks into CamCorp altering the Qualzine during its trial phase causing the results to be less than favorable. The altered drug affects more than CamCorp’s ability to advance the drug to market, it ultimately destroys Alex’s love life forcing him to begin a quest to identify who this Rogue person is. Alex helps the FBI and the CDC to bring CamCorp down but also uses their resources to aid in his search for the individual responsible for the death of his beloved, Catherine.
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