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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Mystery & Detective / General
  • Language:English
  • Duration:8 Hours 38 Minutes
  • Audiobook ISBN:9798888953433

A Willful Destruction of Amanda

by E. M. Fautin

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How could something so wonderful go so wrong? Amanda Waverly watches life as she knows it, cease to exist. From her vantage point looking down on the festive crowd celebrating the golden couples fifteenth wedding anniversary, she witnesses a disgusting display of her husband, Peter Waverly III, Esq., and a stunningly attractive guest, dance into the shadows. Peter, poised to be the next Governor of Mississippi, is about to pay the piper for his years of infidelity. Amanda, outraged by his brazen act of infidelity, can no longer ignore his betrayal. Circulating through the celebratory crowd, is powerful newspaper woman, Phoebe Amberson. She has permission to snap candid pictures of the wealthy contributors to the campaign, enjoying themselves at the poshest party in the state. She plans to publish the story, with pictures, in society section of the local newspaper. Phoebe is shocked by the candidates behavior. No one in the state has ever won an election without the support of the very conservative couple, Charles and Phoebe Amberson. A political powerhouse, their power extends all the way to the White house. Besides Phoebe, there are three more women who can detonate Peter's chances at the golden ring. Someone is out to prevent that from happening. Amanda Waverly is at the top of the list. She has to get away. She has the evidence Peter so desperately wants. Someone has already tried and failed to kill her. She isn't waiting around to give him or her a second chance. A cabin in the mountains of Wyoming may be the solution for her survival. A man she met briefly, two dogs, and the local sheriff are her best hope of survival.
Their fifteenth anniversary, a gala soiree for Peter's wealthy contributors and supporters. Peter Waverly III, Esq. had insisted on having his 'thank you' party that same evening. He would have another, smaller one for his staff, who were still working tirelessly to help him gain the coveted position of Governor of the great State of Mississippi. It was the role of his lifetime, raised for the preeminent office since he was a boy. Amanda Waverly, his wife, had lobbied against the idea of combining the two events. She would have liked some private time with her husband. They needed to have an in depth discussion concerning their future, if he won. Despite his philandering ways, Amanda was willing to give him one last chance. Peter preferred married women, who had as much to lose as he did. Lately, however, his plan didn't seen to be working. His freshly cast off mistress, becoming suddenly single, made the bold move to confront Amanda about the affair. His current mistress, Samantha Deeds, hunted her down the night of the party and 'accidentally' knocked her onto the compact soil of the community jogging path. She was bruised, not broken. Amanda had her suspicions about the young woman when she learned that Samantha was Peter's campaign manager, and invited to the party even though, she was considered staff. She was certainly Peter's type. Phoebe Amberson, who with her husband Charles, held the political power in Mississippi. Their prodigious political clout reached all the way to Washington D. C. If any one in the state had political aspirations, they had to have the support of the Ambersons. Peter and his family were very old friends of Phoebe and Charles. They held the same conservative values. Peter had their full support. Everything was set, Peter was guaranteed the win. That was until the evening of the gala soiree. Then, all hell broke loose. On that fateful night, Peter let his hubris get the best of him. He knew he had the election in the bag and he got careless. He and Samantha, were caught in a compromising position. Phoebe had candid pictures, Amanda was an eye witness. Disgusted and distraught, Amanda hired the best divorce lawyer in Waverton, Mississippi, to handle her case. Phoebe, her conservative values defiled by her golden boy, threatened to pull her and Charles' support. A slight push into oncoming traffic, a threatening note left in her bedroom, someone following her, harassing her with their car, Amanda had to believe that her husband may be trying to kill her. She could easily stop his bid for the highest office in state with just one or two strategically worded comments. Was Peter trying to kill her? The thought was incomprehensible. They had been together the better part of fifteen years. Had she been living with a murderer? Instead of waiting to find out, she skipped town, leaving Peter to face his self-made dilemma alone. Claire Weston, Amanda's best friend, had the perfect solution. A cabin in wilds of Wyoming. Actually, it could be described as a log mansion, furnished with everything a woman could want. Amanda felt safe for the first time in weeks. However, her hideaway wasn't as secure as she thought. Her only hope of survival was with the help of a man she met briefly in Waverton. Wes Porter pulled her back from the path of a hurtling city bus barreling down on her when someone pushed her into the street. Unbeknown to her, he spent some time in Au, Wyoming, the isolated wilderness where Amanda had escaped to. Now, this man, his two dogs, and the local Sheriff. were her best hope of survival.
About the author
I love mysteries set in wild and mysterious places. Recently, some of my favorite writers have retired or have passed. I, feeling bereft, decided to try my hand at writing a novel, a story I wanted to tell. So... with keyboard in hand, I sat down and began. It has been a long and enlightening, meaningful, and challenging journey. I have learned many things about the art and craft of writing through trial, error and writing classes. My writing buddies, Marla and Ellen, lent their literary ear to catch the things I had overlooked, and suggest things I could do to improve my manuscript. I was fortunate to be a partner in a Dude Ranch located in Sunlight Basin, WY with access to the Abasaroka Wilderness area. What a wonderful way to introduce visitors to Wyoming. Our location, near Yellowstone Park, provided our guests with many opportunities to explore, and enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife in and near the Park. I have since left Wyoming, but Wyoming hasn't left me. I set my novel in the fictional towns of Waverton, Mississippi and Au,WY. This creative effort has been fun and satisfying. I hope you enjoy getting acquainted with the people and the places described in 'A Willful Destruction of Amanda'. Sincerely, E. M. Fautin