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  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Series title:101 Best Government Grants In America
  • Series Number:4
  • Pages:89
  • eBook ISBN:9781623095758

101 The Best Government Grants For Your Business

by Matthew Lesko , Mary Ann Martello and Kelly Edmiston

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Life is full of answers. The hard part in life is asking the right questions. Matthew Lesko's mission is to educate America on the facts about government programs so you get all the benefits you are entitled to.
We’ve Made It Easy For You This eBook Gives You The Best Of Our 30 Years of Work We have been studying government programs for over 30 years. We maintain the world’s largest database of government grants, loans, direct payments, free services, and even free trips and gifts that average Americans are eligible for. We’ve sold over four million books and served Americans of all incomes from Fortune 500 executives to the average consumer struggling just to get by. It makes sense that the government wants you to start a business because then you will be making more money and providing more jobs to other people and that means more taxes are being paid to the government. Billions are set aside every year for Americans to become entrepreneurs and ZERO is spent advertising that programs are available to: -Start New Businesses, a Part-Time Business, or a Home-Based Business -Expand an Existing Business, Start a Non-Profit, or Work on Your Invention -Make More Money as a Freelancer or Contractor Than an Average Employee And I bet you thought that the government doesn't do anything. They've been extremely busy creating all these programs, but they've spent next to ZERO TIME AND MONEY letting people know about them. So it's up to you to find out what this great country has to offer.
About the author
No one has done more to educate the American public about available government money programs than Matthew Lesko. Over 30 years ago, as an ex-Naval Officer armed with a MBA in Computer Information Systems, Lesko started with only a phone and a desk in a one bedroom apartment, but soon had over 30 employees in a big office on K Street, in downtown Washington, D.C. Lesko's brainstorm was showing Fortune 500 executives how to take advantage of little-known government programs. These business leaders did not care how much the information cost because they were turning this information into millions. Growing up in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, Lesko never knew about such government programs and was constantly surprised when he kept uncovering more and more freebies that his rich clients could spin into gold. After a few years, Lesko got bored helping these fat cats. He thought: “Why don't average people know about all this free money and help from government programs?” Since then, he has concentrated on getting this information out to the average American. He has authored over 100 books--two became New York Times Best Sellers, and two won awards for Best Reference Book of the Year. He was a columnist for the New York Times Syndicate, Good Housekeeping magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and others. Lesko has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows, including The Today Show, Larry King, Letterman, Jay Leno, Good Morning America, and Oprah. With his altruistic exuberance and enthusiasm, Lesko became a favorite guest on shows like Letterman and Larry King, especially when some big star canceled at the last minute. Now Lesko's TV time consists mainly of off-the-wall infomercials, and he is ranked among the top ten most recognized infomercial personalities. Lesko is done writing books, believing his web service allows him to provide even more personal education and services about government programs for only $20, in contrast to 30 years ago when he charged CEOs $10,000 for the exact same information. Isn't the government great...it even created the World Wide Web. Lesko wants to show how the government can help you create something new in your life, too. And it's FREEEEEE!