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Full ImagePreview ImageW.C. Blackmon: books, biography, news, upcoming events | BookBaby Bookshophttps://store.bookbaby.com/profile/wcblackmonbooksAlong with being an accomplished Author, W. C Blackmon is also a super inspiring speaker. His riveting childhood life story of "The Day the Chickens Disappeared" has been dubbed by his fellow toastmasters as an amazing story and a "must hear." Big or small, he engages his audiences with sincerity and purpose that lifts spirits and causes minds to flow freely with unlimited positivity, belief, and self-worth. W. C. started writing poetry early in high school, but it wasn't until 2008 under the stage name "bobby B-Wise," that he began performing spoken word before a live audience. Before stepping on stage in his home state of Florida to deliver prose in the form of rhyme, he mounted platforms across the country and abroad to compete at powerlifting. During his competition run, he successfully competed and earned more than ten first place metals as well as a world record. However, when it comes to achievements, W. C. asserts that it is in the everyday living of life is where being successful truly means the most. The loss of Blackmon's eyesight at the age of five and having to continually reassess and adjust how that loss would be allowed to affect the living of his life while growing up as a child and throughout adulthood also served as an immediate and real-life training experience for him. It is to the experience gained from these various life lessons that W. C. attributes learning how to successfully compete against great odds and win. Likewise, it is wisdom and understanding well mixed with God's blessings that has further allowed him to inculcate motivation, encouragement, and bring about positive transformations in outlook to his readers and audiences as a gifted writer and Motivational Speaker. Blackmon has performed and-or spoke at venues ranging from; homes to churches, bars to barber shops, elementary schools to universities, and street corners to well recognized concert halls. Just recently, Toastmasters International, a worldwide organization of more than 250 thousand speakers, recognized Blackmon as one of the top thirty speakers of 2017. When it comes to interests, W. C. states that he enjoys meeting new personalities, conversing, learning new things, attaining new friends by way of books, and most of all, helping individuals realize and ignite their true potential.

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