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Full ImagePreview ImageRich Owen: books, biography, news, upcoming events | BookBaby Bookshophttps://store.bookbaby.com/profile/RichOwenRich Owen Retired and former CISO AKA Johnny Security Seed Rich has over 50 years of experience in the field of information protection. He is a past International President, Distinguished Fellow and Honor Role member of the Information Systems Security Association. He is also member of the Information Security Hall of Fame (ISSA), the 2021 recipient of the Harold F. Tipton Lifetime Achievement Award (ISC)2, a Fellow of the Ponemon Institute and an advisor to the EU Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine. He has had multiple certifications to include CISSP, CISM, CRISC, CIPT, MBCI, and CPP. Rich created the information security programs for: Mission Operations, at Johnson Space Center, NASA,Texas Attorney General,Early Warning Services,American Traffic SolutionsCable OneHis current mission is to help individuals and companies protect their information. In this effort free classes have been given to schools and civic organizations about: Security and Privacy (How to protect yourself)The Evolution of Computers (with stories from the space center)An Introduction to Cyber Security (How to build a program)As a part of this effort, he has begun a series of books to promote an interest in Cyber Security for today's youth. The Cyber Security Sam adventures are about a high school freshman who ends up working with the FBI to solve cyber-crime. The stories are based on real cyber events. The first book in the series is
Full ImagePreview ImageHattie's World by Thomas Bauer | BookBaby Bookshophttps://store.bookbaby.com/book/hatties-worldOwen Winthrop, the profligate son of a New England business tycoon, has offended the town's morals one last time. His father disowns him and sends him into exile with a sizable amount of money he can waste or use to make a life for himself. He comes to California where he discovers a small fishing village with an abundant harvest of sardines. The fishermen make very little money off the catch, since most of the profits go to the canneries in Monterey. Determined to build a cannery there, Owen goes to Monterey to learn the business. After a year of working in one of the canneries, he returns and builds his own cannery which brings him enormous wealth. Ruthlessly, he forces all the town's businesses to share their profits with him. In complete control of the town, he builds other businesses, including a notorious brothel. Convinced he needs a wife to be accepted socially, Owen marries a girl he met in Monterey. It is a loveless marriage, but when a daughter, Hattie, is born, he learns he is capable of love and becomes devoted to the child. She grows into a beautiful and confident young woman with a thirst for life outside of the confines of her home. Fascination with a Portuguese fisherman results in a torrid love affair that results in a grisly murder. To punish her, Owen confines her to their home, where she lives in isolation for twenty years until his death. Made heiress by to a great fortune by her father as both a joke and revenge on a town that reviled him, she emerges from isolation determined to atone for the sins she discovered her father has committed. Her crusade takes her from pariah to sainthood as she molds the town in her own image. Her deeds and gifts to the town makes her everyone's Aunt Hattie in this family saga that spans the Twentieth Century.eBook, Paperback
Full ImagePreview ImageJockular Behavior: The Endless Antics of Rich & Shameless Athletes by Edelstein Productions LLC | BookBaby Bookshophttps://store.bookbaby.com/book/jockular-behavior1Why do our always-watching eyeballs enjoy laughing at tarnished sports figures - among them Robert Kraft, Dez Bryant, Jason Kidd, Marshawn Lynch, Roger Clemens, Elvis Dumervil, Bobby Petrino, Ryan Braun, Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds, Terrell Owens, Brett Favre, Lawrence Taylor, Jim Tressel, Mike Vick, and Manny Ramirez - whose endless headline-grabbing buffoonery provide us near-bottomless cups of jokes? As certain as death, taxes, and Santa Claus, it's only a matter of time before the next eminent jockstrap falls from public grace with an ignominious THUD, prompting you the reader to exclaim: "Pinch me. You cannot make this stuff up. How could someone so famous be so stupid?" The only question is who will be the next sports icon worthy of lampooning? And that's where the page-turning (and scroll-turning) Jockular Behavior welcomes your laughter - and, in turn, invites you to submit jokes related to contests featured throughout this title (with the best ones published in the next edition of Jockular Behavior and/or at this title's web site). Are you an athletic supporter? If so, this first-ever interactive sports e-book's 12 chapters will quench your thirst to enjoy the sudden failure of famous others - similar to our fascination with other popular Gotcha, schadenfreude media (including People Magazine, Gawker, TMZ, Deadspin, Fox News, and The Huffington Post) that collectively have built a cold-cash dynasty where the hits just keep on coming.eBook
Full ImagePreview ImageA Brief History of Artists in Eastern North Carolina: A Survey of Creative People Including Artists, Performers, Designers, Photo by Ben Alden Watford | BookBaby Bookshophttps://store.bookbaby.com/book/a-brief-history-of-artists-in-eastern-north-carolinaCollector's Edition: "A Brief History of Artists in Eastern North Carolina" is a feast for the eyes. The visual guide includes more than 500 works in full color with a five-page index of creative people and organizations. The main part of the book is a 239-page look at more than 140 contributors which shaped our cultural history in eastern North Carolina, circa 2017. Authors Ben Watford, Jon Derby and Lisa Bisbee Lentz, all artists and educators, share a common vision that people should be encouraged in creative endeavors. The book can be used in lessons about the culture of eastern North Carolina. Students will come to appreciate struggles and successes of creative people in ENC. This survey is a valuable resource for an art courses, or as a reference to supplement humanities programs. Take a colorful tour of the creators' works and lives in eastern North Carolina (ENC). The book tells the story of a cultural experience in how diverse artists from different places in ENC treat the same subject matter, such as landscape, portraits, or animals. The pages showcase art and creative people with a brief description of their contribution towards a vibrant and diverse arts community. The artists explain key influences, processes in their work or information about their future endeavors. Often, the artist quotes his/her intentions to improve your enjoyment in art. Collectors and lovers of art will gain insight into the ENC culture. The main part of the book is subdivided into a full spectrum of creativity. It's a brief survey of creative accomplishments by visual artists, painters, sculptors, potters, dancers, performers, carvers, graphic designers, photographers, weavers, crafters, fabric artists, photojournalists, illustrators, architects, drafters, digital artists, muralists, authors, writers, poets, musicians, projects, exhibit venues, events, volunteers, theatres, councils, collectives and organizations. Contributions by Bernice Abraham, Tessie Ann Adams, John & Brandy Angelo, Art by Benetez, Barbara & Ben Watford, Ashley Barnes, Barry Knauff, Chuck Beckley, Nada Behr, Brenda Bennett, Betsy Drake Interiors, Alice Bilello, Gail & Jim Bisbee, Linda Boccia, Dion Burroughs, Chris Buttitta, Scotty Canady, Se'rah Cheatham, Andrea Clements Thompson, Becky Coleman, CoraMae Zimmerman Pipkin, the Corrs, Judith Cutler, Rich Daniels, Jon Derby, Donna Slade, Angelina Doyle, Samrae Duke, Janet & Michael Francoeur, Pete Frey, Dewey Funkhouser, Brenda Gear, Giorgianni's, Mark & Lynn Golitz, Dee Mayer, Asha Goodwin, Lynne Baron Goodwin, Gary Gowans, Greater Good Gallery, Gregory Keyzer, Joanne Gwaltney Ashton, Charlie Hall, Alice Bilello, Krystal Helton, Lee Hood, Isaac Taylor Garden, Carol Jones, Martin Kampitch, M. Patrick Kavanaugh, Patrick Keough, Gerry King, Molly Knazek, Rebecca Koehler, Kristen Moffitt, Mike Lentz, Arden & Jeth Lindsey, Lisa Bisbee Lentz, Patricia Bisbee, Sam Love, Ed Macomber, Nell Maha, Lela Cahoon McClanahan, McDaniel's, Elaine Meyer, GeeVee Meyer, MJ's Raw Bar, Tony & Rita Morello, Karin Lisa Nelson, New Bern Now, New Bern Sun Journal, Nexus Poets, Matt O'Brien, the Owens', Stacey Patterson, Maggie Peacock, Gary & Janice Peterson, Red Shoe Gallery, Cindy Ridlon, Ed Ruiz, Ben Selby, Rebecca Shelby, Silk Flowers By Jean, Donna Slade, Marjorie K. Smart, Erin Smith, STA Contracting, Bridget Swayne, Judy Szychowski, the Taglieri's, B. Jean Taylor-Mitchell, Sherry Thurston, Darlene Tighe, Meg Unfiltered, Vicki Vitale-Farrow, Amy Voorhees, Gail Warwick, Michaelé Rose Watson, Alan Welch, Deborah Wheeler, Martha Williams and many more.Hardcover
Full ImagePreview ImageValues, Inc.: How Incorporating Values into Business and Life Can Change the World by Dina Dwyer-Owens | BookBaby Bookshophttps://store.bookbaby.com/book/values,-incIt's been said that 95 percent of companies that have a code of values don't even use them. Sad, but true. There are companies, too many to count, that spend countless hours and even countless dollars with experts to brainstorm their mission, vision, and values, write them down, hang them on the wall...and then walk away. While these things look good on paper, they mean nothing to the day-to-day functions of these businesses and the people they employ. And that's a tragedy that needs to stop. When The Dwyer Group decided to operationalize its company code of values, little did we know the impact it would have on our business. Not only was the change tangible and real, shaping our business from the corner office to the front lines of our service brands around the world. But it also made our company a really fun place to work on a whole new level. We were attracting people to our home office and across our franchise service brands like never before. The Dwyer Group Code of Values brought real value to our company and our culture as we became a $1 billion annual business systemwide. Fast forward to this book and a desire to see more companies, more leaders, more people, and the world-at-large achieve success that is well within reach using values and bringing value to the lives of all they touch. Values, Inc. invites a movement to live right and do right in business and in life for a world in need of direction. That direction shouldn't just be framed and hung on a wall. Put those values into action, bring those values to life, take a stand and make a difference. The rewards are too great to ignore.eBook
Full ImagePreview ImageThe Rocking Chair Prophet by Matthew Kelly | BookBaby Bookshophttps://store.bookbaby.com/book/the-rocking-chair-prophetTHERE IS A VOICE WITHIN YOU. Listening to that voice is the difference between happiness and misery, wonderful memories and heartrending regrets. The Rocking Chair Prophet is a transformational story about reclaiming that voice and the unmitigated joy that comes from following it. After an unspeakable tragedy devastates his life, Daniel, a thirty-three-year-old suburban man, disappears into the mountains. Years later, he reemerges filled with uncommon wisdom and other extraordinary gifts. From that day on, people travel from far and wide to meet with Daniel, who sits on his rocking chair, meeting with visitors, and helping them explore their deeply personal questions. These questions lead to a series of epic conversations that traverse life's quintessential topics: love, suffering, health and well-being, education, work, money and things, spirituality, regrets, depression, ambition, nature, parenting, midlife crisis, choices, our hopes and dreams, the meaning of life, and enduring friendship. The Rocking Chair Prophet is a rich exploration of life and the human condition. It's an invitation to rediscover yourself and reorient your life. Matthew Kelly has masterfully woven into the story a piercing wisdom that is thought-provoking on a life-changing scale. It is stunning that one book can have something so meaningful to say on so many topics. This is destined to be a book readers return to time and again, a book that speaks to us anew in every season of life.eBook
Full ImagePreview ImageMeeting God in the Upper Room: Three Moments to Change Your Life by Monsignor Peter J. Vaghi | BookBaby Bookshophttps://store.bookbaby.com/book/meeting-god-in-the-upper-roomRecalling his own Holy Land pilgrimage experience, Monsignor Peter Vaghi explores three significant events in the life of the early Church that can be traced back to the Upper Room in Jerusalem (sometimes called the Cenacle) in order to guide us to a deeper appreciation and understanding of living the Christian life in prayer, worship and service. Each of the book's three parts is dedicated to one of these key moments in the history of our faith: the Last Supper and the institution of the Eucharist, the post-resurrection appearances of Christ to his followers, and the Holy Spirit descending on the apostles at Pentecost. The walk with the Lord is a continued encounter with Him in the power of Holy Spirit. In Meeting God in the Upper Room, Monsignor Vaghi captures the various integral ways in which we continue in our day to meet the Risen Lord—in the sacraments; in our prayer lives; in our profession of Easter faith; in our works of charity and service; in our devotion to Mary, Mother of the Church and our Mother; in the experience of the gifts of the Holy Spirit; in the call to evangelize and our efforts to evangelize in our own day—in our homes, workplaces, places of leisure, in our travel. All of these make up the rich and continued spiritual legacy of that Upper Room and what happened there. In writing about the Upper Room, Monsignor Vaghi tells of not just its historical significance, but its profound spiritual significance. It was there that Christ and his disciples retreated from the world in order to teach and learn, respectively, how they could carry on the faith. And as we set aside time to enter the Upper Room of our own life, we discover that Jesus is waiting to meet us there as well.eBook
Full ImagePreview ImageReclaim: A Practical Guide to Restoring Wholeness by Matthew Kelly | BookBaby Bookshophttps://store.bookbaby.com/book/reclaim3The life that wants to live in you is different than the life you are living. If you've ever had the feeling that something is missing, that there must be more to life, or that you have so much more to offer, reclaim! is about to change your life. Young or old, single, or married, rich or poor, people from all walks of life share these same sentiments. If you've ever heard your own soul whispering one of these feelings, then this book is about to change your life. Through an enlightening question and answer format, inspiring stories and practical articles, Matthew Kelly reveals a truth we all need to hear: these feelings within us are not human malfunctions. They are a message from the deepest part of you, calling you to settle for nothing less than the very-best-version-of-you. For nearly 30 years Matthew Kelly has been helping people discover the best-version-of-themselves. This book is an exploration of a crucial, but often overlooked, aspect of that process: reclaiming the parts of ourselves and our lives that we've lost along the way. You'll find piercing wisdom and practical insights for reclaiming such things as your: enthusiasm, contentment, emotional boundaries, love of learning, soul in a secular world, priorities, relationship with money and things, and hope for the future. No matter what you've lost, or sense is missing, you'll receive the tools and inspiration you need to reclaim your life, answer the call to more from your very soul, and reach a new level of flourishing. What do you need to reclaim? Reclaiming what you've lost is essential to flourishing as the person you were meant to be—unique and wonderful—like never before.eBook
Full ImagePreview ImageD.Lowe's ThugPassion - ThugLove: Part 1 by D.Lowe | BookBaby Bookshophttps://store.bookbaby.com/book/thug-passion---thug-love-(volume-1)<p>"D.Lowe's Thug Passion - Thug Love" (Part 1) by- D.Lowe THUG PASSION - THUG LOVE, is the story of Timmy, a somewhat sexually confused and very curious young man, who by chance meet three good friends on a hot summer day. That meeting would result in a considerable change in his life forever. One of those friends, Tyree, the most dynamic of the trio, falls head over heels in love with him; this leads to eventual sexual advances which at first were spurned by Timmy, but later reciprocated. Timmy later found himself battling those deep lustful thoughts, which plagued his mind for years, about his real true feelings for Tyree. Timmy, had to admit to himself, but couldn't fully explain why things were the way they were; but finally came to grips with the realization of his relationship with Tyree, and spent years living a secret life of love and passion, with him; even though he had a beautiful wife and several lovely children. He prodded and quickly shifted his position, evading my hand as I try to grab his balls " Timmy: " motha fucka! ..... mm-mm-mmmphf .... Oh Fuck! - AAIGHT! .... aiight .... mmmph, mmph, I surrender " Tyree: "see...I tole you" He gloated and dug into my sides once more. Timmy: "fuck you Tyree...cccctt, ooh, ..... SHIT" Tyree: " you can't be surrenderin' 'n cussin' like dat in front o' grown folk, you surrender or what? " Timmy: " yes, yes,...yes, I surrender .... lemmi go" Tyree: " you sure? " Timmy: "yes, you, tha boss, you tha master, jus move yo' hand, please" Tyree: "well you best behave yo'self now" Without warning, he straddled me; kneeling on the sofa and pinning me between the back of the seat and his stomach. Tyree: "I want you boi...." Timmy: "you got me" Tyree: "I ain't talkin' like dat .... am talkin' 'bout some o' dat" Timmy: "some o' what ....... I ain't GOTS nothin' to give you" Tyree: "am serious, 'specially from I seen how you tore dat nigga Marlon up, .movin' dat booty like dat" Pretending to be uninterested in his quest, I suddenly changed the subject, asking as I toyed with his belly button; Timmy: "Tyree, you say you love me...why?" Tyree: "dang son, you gon ask dat now!" Timmy: "tell me...a need to hear" He hastily got off me, tilted my chin up, knelt before me and looked deep in my eyes before he bowed his head, shook it slowly from side to side, sighed heavily then looked back at me. Tyree: "Timmy, I ain't got no more words to explain it to you, I ain't got no more ways I, I, don't know what to tell you except that I love you, am torn apart e'rry day jus thinkin' 'bout you...datz what I do all day every day -jus think about you".ain't nothin' mo' dat I know dat I could say, you jus gotta let time prove me right or wrong...but I do love you...more than you eva know" Timmy: "what is it about me dat you love?" Tyree: "dang son, datz 'errythang...shiit; from yo' temper, how yo' chest move up 'n down when you mad, da way you walk, them very hairy, slightly bow legs, yo tight little muscular butt, all dat pretty black hair on yo' butt, stomach, yo' pubes, under yo' arms, them hairy ballz, dat nice l'il 'stache, thick eyebrows 'n lips, yo' bright dark brown eyes, rich coco 'n cream complexion, da way you talk. dang son, Ioknow. jus da way you squeeze me back when I hold you. I know son, e'rrythang.jus e'rrythang, fo' real - I jus saw you 'n wuz like wow! .this kid is bangin'.'n on top o' dat you fresh - 'n intelligent too...its too good. Son you what I been lookin' fo' all this time"</p>eBook
Full ImagePreview ImageFranciscan Wisdom: The Essential Teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi by Saint Francis of Assisi | BookBaby Bookshophttps://store.bookbaby.com/book/franciscan-wisdomWhat does the world need? Truth, beauty, goodness, and light. Fill your life with these and spread them wherever you go. Franciscan Wisdom is full of inspirational quotes by famous Franciscans exploring these themes. Most holy people live in plain sight. We cross paths with them every day. They will never be recognized officially as saints, and they prefer that. Most of them lived quiet, diligent lives, dedicated to serving other people. They became extraordinary people by repeatedly doing the ordinary things with great love. There's nothing more attractive than holiness. Francis of Assisi stands as a singular example of this piercing truth. This man and his life are universally intriguing and attractive. For eight hundred years, he has been loved and respected by men and women of all faiths, and those of no faith. His holiness crosses the bounds of religion and prejudice. Our lives become animated by faith when we discover once and for all that we too can walk that path. Holiness is possible. Not just for people in far-off places and times, but you and me, here and now. And not only is holiness possible but it is needed. Are you ready to be holy? It is an invitation to wholeness. It is a radical invitation to everything you yearn for that you don't know you need and want. An invitation to find your best, truest, highest, and most authentic self in Jesus.eBook

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