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Full ImagePreview ImageAngels and Demons: The Poetry of Mohsen Namjoo - Book 1 by Reza Arefi | BookBaby Bookshophttps://store.bookbaby.com/book/angelsanddemonsFrom Introduction:He observed firsthand that in the quilted society of the time, human values were mere mirages that quickly disappeared as clouds of hardship and devastation drifted in. Many of the diverging and multipolar aspects of the society he lived in are evident in his poems—melancholy, ruined hopes, broken hearts, social defeat and ever-present shadow of poverty and desolation. Perhaps it is the presence of these or similar themes, common in many regions, that has made Mohsen's works relatable by many of his generation in other parts of the world.Mohsen's poems are an honest narration of the sufferings of his generation forgotten in the intersection of the old and the new. From Translator's Note:In translating this selection of poems, at times I felt as if I am walking a third, thus illegitimate, path other than those endorsed by Borges, namely, literal and recreation. Mohsen's poems are generally not categorized as visual due to his fascination with form and rhythm. If they were, I would have probably had no choice other than to recreate. But despite painting images being a rarity, his playful ways with words pull the reader's mind in different, often opposite, directions—"centrifugal, centripetal" as William Carlos Williams suggests—thereby opening singular spaces that cannot be quickly filled with the next thought or image, as if leaving a lasting bas relief of amazement. It is for this reason that Borges's paradox could perhaps be avoided without the need to dismantle and dissect the poems through recreation. There was certainly no shortage of opportunities to create beautiful strangeness and stunning singularities by being literal. But to my delight, Mohsen's special playfulness with form allowed for the occasional reach to stain my brush with familiar hues on the palette of recreating context.Paperback
Full ImagePreview ImageViews of Virginia by Kathleen P. Decker, MD | BookBaby Bookshophttps://store.bookbaby.com/book/views-of-virginiaViews of Virginia was conceived as a reverse ekphrastic project to prompt Virginia poets to express their views usings visual imagery, colorful descriptions, and evocative images. Any subject was open for poetry and art as long as it had to do with celebrating Virginia. Inside you will find poems paired with drawings, paintings, photos, and quilts. Members of the Poetry Society of Virginia submitted poems for this anthology and we invited gifted high school students from the Appomattox Regional Governor's School to participate as well. Twenty-one students participated and generated novel and excellent poems. Artists were recruited from local art groups in southern Virginia and two gifted youths also submitted art. The result is a fabulous amalgam of beauty and ugliness, despair and hope, defacement and creation, love and philosophy, history and identity, angst and transcendence. It illustrates the burden and shame of slavery, the beauty and bounty inherited from the natives whose land the Europeans took and the legacy we have been given, the flora and fauna of the Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains, the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean, the struggles of inner city evolution (and sometimes, devolution), the coming-of-age of politics and Civil War events, up to the defacement and removal of said war hero statues. It also includes poems that honor ancestors who fought on both sides of the Civil War and familial connection to the land that Virginian's love.Paperback

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