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Full ImagePreview ImageJennifer Maksimovich: books, biography, news, upcoming events | BookBaby Bookshophttps://store.bookbaby.com/profile/jmaksimovichWhen Jennifer was 5 years old, she wrote a story about a pig: a non-fictional account of what a pig ate, where it lived, etc. She illustrated this gem with cute curly-tailed swine. She folded it into a book, giving it an appropriate title: The Pig Book and signed it "By Book Maker Jennifer". Her father cherished it, calling Jennifer, his "Pig Book Maker" even years later! As Jennifer grew older, she began seeking her life purpose, thinking that somehow a gong would sound, and she would be bequeathed with some earth-shattering revelation. Unfortunately, nothing miraculously appeared except the biotech sales career that developed out of reading a book called Mega-Trends. So she set her sights on curing incurable diseases with gene therapy elixirs. Jennifer stayed on the biotech bandwagon, receiving a Masters in Molecular Biology. She was elated to finally be working in her chosen field only to realize that lab life wasn't the gig that filled her soul. And her colleagues noticed too. Jennifer didn't "act" like most scientists, so maybe she should go to the 'dark side' and try sales. Thus began a slightly more well-suited career, selling research services to support drug discovery. Yet Jennifer remained unfulfilled, nearing mid-life with no legacy to speak of, wondering if she would ever find her 'true calling'? After 25 years, she finally took a class called "How to Write Your Book" that opened her heart to rediscovering what the 5-year-old Jennifer knew all along: She really should be a 'book maker'! Like Betty, the protagonist in The Chunkiest Angel, Jennifer thought God was playing a joke on her, working a demanding job that wasn't aligned with her higher calling. But God has baked this 'rookie cookie' enough, and she's ready for the world to try out her stories!

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