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Author Tom Patrick McAuliffe is a writer living on Florida's Emerald Coast with his wife and cat. He is a former Photojournalist with the US Navy's Combat Camera Group and is a former Magazine Editor/Writer with more than 25 years of By-lines. He has two new books out; 'Mr. Mulligan-The Life of Champion Armless Golfer Tommy McAuliffe' and 'No Handicaps-The Philosophy of World Famous Armless Golfer Tommy McAuliffe'. Both are being made into a major motion picture. He is a musician and enjoys camping, scuba diving, travel and food. Visit him at:


Book Review- April 2022

I Loved it! 😍

This remarkable true story brings a whole new meaning to the word "champion." It's one of the most inspiring memoirs I've ever read.

Mr. Mulligan is the uplifting true life story of world-famous champion armless Golfer Tommy McAuliffe (1893-1967). Through the turmoils of the Great Depression, the golden days of Vaudeville and World War II, Tommy McAuliffe, who lost both arms in a tragic street car accident at the age of nine, thrilled audiences around the world with his golf tricks and later in life touched their hearts with this inspiring story and 'No Handicaps' life philosophy.

In the early 1900s a nine year-old boy lost his arms to a horrific streetcar accident. It would be understandable if he spent the rest of his life “settling for less.” But young Tommy McAuliffe simply refused to do so. Instead, he became a powerhouse of positivity, tough love, and sheer determination as evident in his personal philosophy of “No Handicaps!” His life is told in Mr. Mulligan – The Life of Champion Armless Golfer Tommy McAuliffe. It’s one of the most remarkable and inspiring memoirs I’ve ever read.


In golf, a “mulligan” is a “do-over.” This uplifting true story shows how Tommy McAuliffe chose a life “do over” after his accident and how he became a world-famous champion armless golfer, vaudeville act, devoted husband and father, and tireless champion for the physically challenged, among many other accomplishments.


Buoyed by a loving Irish family and deep personal faith, Tommy McAuliffe’s story is one of determination, unrelenting positivity, and laser-focused single-mindedness. Besides learning to play the most frustrating game in the world, golf, McAuliffe also performed in a highly popular vaudeville act doing golf tricks, worked for Curtis Airplane Company during WWII, and was a tireless advocate for the rights of the physically challenged.


Indeed, Tommy McAuliffe was a force to be reckoned with. His goal was to “spread the gospel that there is no handicap in life except a mental one.” He didn’t just preach it. He lived it.


For example, when Tommy saw how far too many people viewed the physically challenged as “helpless individuals looking for a handout,” he set out to change the perspective. He declared, “They forget it was brains and their proper use which made them a success and not the fact they carried two arms and legs.” Also: “Every citizen, every employer, every new business owner should agree that there should be fair wages and opportunities for all, in spite of any real or perceived handicaps. We should make this the law of the land, and we will.”


McAuliffe’s quick humor and skill in golf, despite his affliction, helped him become a prime mover and shaker in getting various rehabilitation and other laws passed giving handicapped citizens equal protection under the law.


And when Tommy McAuliffe set out to do something, you had better get out of the way. Because as detailed in this nimble memoir, McAuliffe’s life demonstrated that nothing is impossible with the proper mindset and effort.


Told by the subject’s grandson in an upbeat, ebullient style that’s both bright and witty, this story is thoroughly engaging and highly readable. The timeline is a bit rough in places and has some redundancies. The text could benefit from a professional edit. But these are minor issues and do not detract from this amazing life story and “Mr. Mulligan’s” legacy of hope, faith, and “No handic

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• Books of Million, Ft. Walton Beach, FL - April 22, 2022
• Barnes & Noble Books, Destin, FL - May 17, 2022


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