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Peter Biadasz (pronounced bee-ahd-ish)  - (Author/Speaker/Publisher) is a graduate of Florida State University. His passion for and expertise in the areas of people networking and book writing/publishing has benefited many nationally. Peter has also been known to liven up his speaking engagements by utilizing his professional trumpet talent.

 Peter is the author 17 books including:

Write Your First Book, How To Start Finish And Publish The Book Inside You,

as well as

MORE LEADS: The Complete Handbook for TIPS Groups, Leads Groups, and Networking Groups,


Total Prayer, Talking To God Is Easy


Increase Your Sales and Lower Your Golf Score (with Matt Eidson).

Newest book

The Butt Stuck Duck (illustrated children’s book) 

and co-author of the Power Series Books, which include:

Powerful People Are Powerful Networkers,

Powerful People Are Inspired By Powerful Athletes,

Powerful People Are Powerful Leaders,

Powerful People Have Powerful Relationships,

Powerful People Are Powerful IT Professionals,

Powerful People Are Powerful Teachers,

Powerful People Are Powerful Performers,

Powerful People Lead Powerfully Healthy Lifestyles,

Powerful People Are Powerfully Meek, and

Powerful People Overcome Powerful Failures

 All books are available on as well as anywhere you prefer to buy books.

 He has also written of hundreds of articles, and even a few short stories.

 As the Southern Plains Bureau Chief for The National Networker on-line magazine Peter promoted business networking on a national scale.

 His areas of expertise include Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, as well as a degree in Psychology, aiding him to build bridges between the often diverse worlds of social and natural sciences.

 Finally, As President of Total Publishing And Media, Peter offers the full range of book writing, editing, publishing and marketing services to move your concept to a published, selling book. Peter also performs author development services and workshops for authors and author “wannabe’s”.

 Feel free to visit with Peter at: or on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Enjoy his video shorts on YouTube.

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