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Pamela Devenport
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My early years resembled a movie script – living in Mexico, studying in Paris, and being kidnapped at age 20. To survive this trauma, I started drinking - a lot. Wine was a good solution - until it became the opposite. I hit my personal “rock-bottom” at age 35. 

In 2009 I quit drinking through AA. But sobriety felt lackluster. After 5 years sober, I drank again, beginning a 2-year relapse. It was hell to be there. It was hell to get out. 

Getting sober again in 2017, I knew “just sobriety” wouldn’t be enough. Becoming a Certified Recovery Coach and SHE RECOVERS Coach, I founded My Badass Recovery as a new way of approaching the journey of recovery.

Today, I teach the mindset that transformed my life beyond sobriety into the true freedom of recovery: empowered, grateful, and full of badass sass. 

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