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Mendy Sobol is a former attorney, law school teacher, and college ice hockey coach. He dreams of traveling via teleportation, yet often uses a rotary dial telephone. Find out more about Mendy at http://www. and on his Facebook page at fictionfire/.


May 18, 2019--

Kindle and paperback editions of Mendy Sobol's latest speculative novel, VIRTUAL FIRE, are now available for pre-sale on Amazon for July 1 delivery.

In VIRTUAL FIRE, four narrators—computer nerd Paul Simmons, anti-war activist Meg Wells, FBI Most Wanted Toby Jessup, and cyber genius Melora Kennedy—relate their experiences of war, resistance to war, the power of friendship and the power of dreams. From 1970 to a parallel future, from New England’s ivy-covered college halls to New Jersey’s crumbling cities, from the beaches of Florida’s Gulf coast to the ruins of post-war Vietnam, Paul, Meg, Toby, and Melora tell the history-changing stories they’ve shared—and reveal the secrets they’ve kept.