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Kelly Kinkade
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Michigan author Kelly Kinkade had a life-changing event in his late 20s. His life had just fallen apart, and he felt the thud of “hitting bottom.” That was 25 years ago. That is when he first picked up a book about Virtue; it changed his life. At rock bottom, he reevaluated everything in his life, including religion, gender, and right and wrong. He lived by the rule of “Keep the best and throw out the rest.” In the process, he turned his entire life into a treasure hunt for happiness. Continually sifting life for nuggets of wisdom, he would jot down gems he had found on individual index cards. It became clear that each fascinating card was a torn fragment from something much larger that he somehow knew was a treasure map for life. After 10,000 index cards, he could tell he had found all the puzzle pieces. But he somehow had to fit them all together correctly. Then COVID hit. With strict lockdowns, he finally had the chance to organize everything. During countless midnight and early morning hours of flipping around, reshuffling, and rearranging his enormous collection of precious index cards, he felt a growing obligation to share what he was discovering. After two and a half years, he miraculously pieced together the full picture that mapped out a reliable path to happiness in human life. Because On Virtue represents 25 years of full-time intensive research into Virtue, science, logic, and philosophy, he is now, more than ever, motivated to share his discoveries with the public. He is happy to present to readers On Virtue, so they can save themselves decades of research and frustration in their hunt for a thriving life.

On Virtue will be enjoyable and fascinating to adults interested in philosophy or gender studies, self-identifying members of the ancient male gender, the male curious, gender students, Stoics, casual and professional philosophers, and anyone searching for well-developed gender identity. Readers will find this contemporary research a philosophical gender study that is safe and helpful.

On Virtue combines philosophy and adult gender studies. The underlying message is that Stoic texts are the original gender studies. Using Stoicism’s exploration of the ancient male gender choice, this gender research provides a safe place for males or the male curious. This traditional gender choice is disproportionately responsible for social injustice. Therefore, it is uniquely positioned to solve certain social problems. With material from Stoicism’s charter gender study, On Virtue teaches readers the strengths and weaknesses of ancient maleness. This gender is also known among members as the Alpha gender, not to be confused with the alpha male, and is the subject of Stoicism. Alpha genders do not consider their gender the first in importance, but they believe they were the first gender studied and are the traditional gender from which other genders can compare and contrast. On Virtue’s compassionately progressive approach to gender study reveals this gender’s value to contemporary society.

Accessible, engaging, and elegantly communicated, On Virtue provides a stunning new perspective on Stoicism, certain to improve lives and stir debate.


June 8, 2022

I just received my copies of On Virtue. The finished product is better than we anticipated. The Stoic view of Virtue is sure to change lives and generate conversations.

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