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Julie Soukup
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My name is Julie Soukup (Yorumez) and I wrote these books for my daughters Jayden and Skyler.

Being a single parent of an infant can be busy.  Being one of twin infants can be very, very busy.  Often days blur between picking up, cooking, cleaning, diapers, bath... 

I remember one special day with the girls at 2 months old.  I finally was feeling more confident as a mom, learning the girls' idiosyncrasies.  One day, the worry of what to do faded and I just enjoyed them.  It was perfect.  We finally got in the groove of trusting each other and just having fun.  

I don't want to forget all these little moments with my girls.  I don't want to forget the simplicity of a simple day.  I don't want to forget watching them learn about each other and the world.    

Every year at Christmas, I've committed to giving the girls a new book based on our adventures together.  
With this, I hope they see how magical my time with them has been, and how much I love celebrating their simple moments.   

I know other moms feel this too and it's our honor to share a glimpse of our beautiful, loving chaos.

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