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Lynn Hummer
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( Founder, President)  In 2006 upon discovering that over 100,000 American horses were being sent to slaughter in Canada and Mexico, Lynn decided to get involved. She founded the rescue in May of 2006, relocated her family to the Santa Cruz County, applied for non-profit status and began pulling pregnant mares out of harms way. While working full time, and raising a family she remained relentless to the goal; saving pregnant mares and orphaned foals from abuse, abandonment and a trip to the slaughterhouse.

The miracles began to happen. It has been well documented the remarkable and life changing experiences horse share in a therapeutic setting. The rescued horses demonstrated their gifts of healing and comforting. The idea came forth like opened floodgates. Calling in certified equine specialists Lynn began developing programs for children. The Pennies for PMR Program, The Wonder of Horses Program are two of the highly enjoyed well-received programs designed to help children experience “horse” and the value of giving.

Lynn has long been an animal activist, environmentalist and volunteer. From protesting Nuclear Power Plants in the 1970’s she enjoyed a career in music for much of the 80’s, an enormous portion of her work raising money for animal rights. After marrying in 1990 and becoming a mother her commitments transitioned into volunteering for her children’s public schools.  For many years the name Headroom mom or Team mom was her title.

To best spend time with her children and help them maintain a connection to nature, the decision was made to leave the bay area, and head over to Santa Cruz County.  The decision has been a great one. Lynn and her husband of 28 years enjoy ranch life, the coastal fog and the wonderful feeling of making a difference.


JULY 6th Sat. Book signing at the Santa Cruz Horsemen's Association.

Pregnant Mare Rescue Annual Fundraiser!


Live music

Book signing


Silent auction

Foal adoption event


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