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Deb Mills is a lover of Yoga, Travel, Music, Food, Nutrition, and Children!

She looks forward to moments that make her feel good in heart and alive in her soul.

Deb Mills was born and raised in Colorado, with roots in the Midwest and currently reside in Encinitas, CA with her two beautiful children and loving husband.

She enjoys living an active, healthy, mindful lifestyle that includes a lot of spontaneity and discovery. 

She has an entrepreneurial spirit and ran her own business that catered to pregnant women and young children for eight years.

Her passion is to reach our youngest generation through the mindful children’s books she writes and to teach them about important topics in a way they can understand, relate to and process. 

She is the Founder of Raise Them Up Books, Inc. which is a business and platform to publish her books through. 

"Children are full of so much love and light. Mankind needs this light to remain hopeful and motivated. I believe books are one of the best ways to reach a child, to teach them, to inspire them and to keep their minds creative and innocent. In our present time of technology and devices, I still believe there is a strong need for the traditional “book” for our children. One that they can hold, feel, turn the pages, pick up, lose and find again." -Deb Mills


The first published book from Deb Mills, Little BIG Feelings is available to purchase! Find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or BookBaby's Bookstore!

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