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Writing this book has been an adventure filled with surprises and revelations. We (Monti and Sandra) met in a discussion group about 30 years ago and have maintained a warm connection even though we now live hundreds of miles apart. Through these years, both of us have also been developing our skills with channeling Guidance, the name we apply to that higher source of wisdom not of our physical plane. A new seed was planted in October 2018 when we decided to explore a collaboration to write a book together.

Guidance provided a list of subjects and we agreed to channel separately on one subject at a time, entering the messages received into a shared online document. We greeted each day with anticipation as we read each others’ messages, which later became the content for these chapters. We were gratified to discover that the answers to the questions we asked were so similar, that in most cases they appeared to be written by one person.

During the time that we channeled and organized the messages into a coherent order, we sensed an underlying urgency to complete the manuscript. In essence, it describes an evolutionary blueprint for the development of consciousness and a new phase of Life on Earth. 

We received amazing information that challenged our belief systems and yet we reconciled that although many subjects were beyond our current understanding, we were willing to stay open to take the leap and receive an education unlike any other. We welcome you to explore these new concepts and hope you will take the leap with us. 

A friend who helped proofread the manuscript remarked: “It reads like listening to music. I don't fully understand the words written, but the concepts resonate with my inner knowing to fully comprehend what I just read.”


Monti Scribner is an author and spiritual teacher, able to connect with Higher Guidance to provide outside-the-box perspectives on life issues. Monti’s heartfelt mission is to assist and support others in achieving Life balance, identifying and releasing blocks to expressing their authentic nature, and maximizing their ability to easily navigate Life experiences. Find more information at her website: Formulas4Living.com

Since childhood, Sandra Lee Washart has experienced a profound connection with Higher Guidance. A cloistered writer and channel for over 30 years, she experiences open communication with Guidance within the spiritual and intergalactic realms. Sandra channels messages during her meditative process, asking questions for clarification and receiving guidance. An influx of new information and connection with Higher Intelligence began when she read the messages within Monti’s first book, which led to their collaboration.