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About the Author

Author Info

Aaron Winston is Strategy Director and “Legal Funding Expert” at Express Legal Funding.

Aaron Winston is the author of A Word For The Wise. A Warning For The Stupid. Canons of Conduct, which is a book in poetry format. It consists of 35 unique canons. The book was published in 2023.

  • SEO Authority on Legal and Law Firm Websites: Aaron Winston earned his title “The Legal Funding Expert” through authoritative articles and blog posts about legal funding. His articles have been subject to peer review and, in the process, received great praise from top legal professionals and law firms.
  • He brings an unprecedented and novel perspective to his work. That is most evident in the articles and blog posts he writes for the Express Legal Funding blog.

    Some of his injury and class action lawsuit articles published on the Express Legal Funding website are the most-read search results for distinct legal topics online.

  • Notability: Aaron Winston was featured in a smith.ai interview (2021) and a company growth case study (2022).

  • Early Life Bio: Aaron was born in Lubbock, TX, where he spent the first eight years of his life. Aaron attended Akiba Academy of Dallas, TX.

  • Strategy Director: Aaron Winston, Strategy Director at Express Legal Funding, is the leading author of pre-settlement funding articles and law firm SEO.

  • Career Experience: Aaron has more than ten years of experience in the consumer finance industry. Most of which was as a consultant to a top financial advisory firm, managing 400+ million USD in client wealth.

    Aaron first began his full-time career at Express Legal Funding in 2017 as CMO assisting with Express Legal Funding’s marketing efforts.

    In December 2020, three years later, Aaron was promoted to his current position as Strategy Director. Express Legal Funding and Aaron continue to be the vital force behind ethical pre-settlement funding.

  • Quotes About Aaron: 

    “Aaron is incredibly passionate about the client experience and has provided such helpful feedback to us at Smith.ai. He’s a roll-your-sleeves-up leader, endlessly attentive to detail, and moves mountains to do things for others.

    Working with Express Legal Funding is a joy, thanks in large part to Aaron’s collaborative approach to his vendor partners. Aaron, thanks for being such an advocate, an educator, and a cheerful beacon of light -- your spirit for great work is infectious!”

    “Aaron was fantastic to work with! As an expert in SEO, lead capture, and overall marketing strategy in the legal funding world, he has significantly impacted his company’s online presence. He stays up-to-date on new technologies and opportunities and adapts his strategy accordingly.”