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About the Author

Scott James Pearson
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Author Info

Formerly a  magazine publisher and a father of three grown children and a grandfather of six; Scott James Pearson has entertained children with imaginative, adventure stories for decades.

The Stellar Family Chronicles is a collection of the adventures of Stellar family children as they journey through space and time. The book consists of six short stories following the adventures of the Stellar family children, Maggie, Pat, Lucy and Tom with their two cousins, Drake and Robbie. The children are young in the first story and the story is simpler. By the sixth story the children are young adults and the stories are more complex.

Review of The Stellar Family Chronicles

The easiest way for my brain to review the book is to go by each story itself. 

Drake The Great 

I enjoyed how modern and relatable you made the periods within the stories ( ie. Siri, electronics, video games.) However I also enjoyed staying true to Cate's generation and the classical music, the opening scene set the mood for the rest of the book. It also, allowed us to see how the group interacted together before the stories later on explored individual personalities. I also, being a nerd, love the factual science throughout the book, Ganymede being an actual moon around Jupiter and Triton Neptune's moon. is very interesting and opens the door to exploring more things centered around space while adding to the story. The reference to the T-Rex using Earth as a dog park made me chuckle. 

Margaret from America 

This story was probably my favorite from the historical references of the Bandrui ( which I had to look up and ended up down a Celtic druid rabbit hole which I found very interesting). I loved how Maggie was an old Bandrui and entered a realm filled with Leprechauns staying true to the Celtic mythology. I loved that Maggie was the queen of Boudica who was a queen that declared war on the Romans after the persecution of her husband. I would love to hear the research and or inspiration of this story and the background because the history behind this story is fascinating and something I enjoyed researching after finishing this story. 

Pat on the Spice Road 

I enjoy that you stay true to the personalities and inspirations of the characters. Again remaining relatable sending the kids off to Summer Camp based on what they enjoy doing. The relations and connections to the previous stories allow the reader to make those correlations from previous stories. I like the idea of having a " truck stop" at the edge of space. 

Rob in Agratha 

I enjoyed Rob with long hair, so I also enjoy the references to his golden locks.The secrecy of Agratha and the fact that Titania's home was inside of Agratha is an interesting correlation to the Kingdom that was rumored to be inside the Earth. I enjoy the reference to "The Last Horizon" which has been added to my reading list.

Lucy's Visitor 

This story is the most relatable with a sassy teenager, we all go through that phase of life where we feel like we know it all or feel like our birthday party is the only thing that matters. The character development in this book I feel is evident within the story, but also something that can be traced throughout the book and other stories. Almost like we have watched Lucy grow up. The idea of a spirit guide to elucidate the character growth and I appreciate they traveled to previous Lucy's and future Lucy's. The fourth and fifth dimensions were a little bit confusing I must admit. The other thing I loved about this story is the idea that someone can understand your intent behind a word or a conversation rather than how it is perceived on the other end, I find it to be a big problem with texting and the modern age and was a refreshing idea. I also have a cat named Zora she is an orange female tabby cat, so that detail made me smile. 

Tom The Emissary

I feel like this is similar to Lucy's Visitor with a similar theme. The character development of Tom and having to choose between a decision that will make your parents happy even if it isn't something you want to do. A scenario that is easily relatable to your target audience. The idea of going through an evolutionary upgrade gives me epiphany vibes and just having to step back and see things from a different point of view can give you so much insight into who you are as a person. I enjoyed how in the end followed his father's footsteps by playing sports throughout high school and college while representing " the people of Earth amongst the stars." Overall, there were a few typos that I caught on pages 22, 71, and 143. However, I enjoyed the book overall and am thankful for you allowing me to read it. 

Warm Regards,

Hailey Naifeh